Climbing in Ermionida, Argolis (Greece) Guidebook Edition 2023

In the early 2000s, a climbing revolution took place in Ermionida, East Peloponnese, when the esteemed British climber, Jim Titt, and the German Inge Zaczek, dedicated a significant amount of time, resources, and effort to equip over 200 routes on the exceptional limestone rocks in the area using stainless steel bolts. The climbing community remains grateful for their contributions towards the development of sport climbing in the region.

Fast forward to 2021, Climb Ermionida (the local climbing community) with the invaluable aid and support of the Municipality of Ermionida and the Tripolis Mountaineering Club, undertook essential maintenance works on various crags and replaced several anchors with high-quality, certified materials.

Climbing in Ermionida Guidebook edition 2023

In 2022, the climbing community furthered their efforts by developing a new crag, Petrogerakas, located near Katafyki Gorge. Additionally, they bolted three new sectors in Castle Thermisia, including Orias’ Wall, Leon’s Wall, and Byzantine Wall, and established several more routes in the crags of Ermionida. Furthermore, in the same year, a new crag, “Pleiades” was developed with focus on MultiPitch routes.

In 2023, Climb Ermionida, advanced the developments with the 10th crag of Ermionida, SunCastle crag and with further maintenance and rebolting projects in the area.

These recent developments are a testament to the dedication and passion of the local climbing community and serve to enhance the climbing experience in Ermionida for climbers of all levels.

The Ermionida and Argolis regions offer exceptional solid grey limestone for rock climbing. While the majority of the routes are single-pitch sport climbing, a selection of trad climbing routes also exists. However, it’s worth noting that these climbing areas are only partially developed, presenting a substantial opportunity for new route establishment in the region.

With over 3,000 hours of annual sunshine, the Argolis area serves as a preferred holiday destination for many. Furthermore, the area’s altitude enables year-round rock climbing opportunities, including the hot summer months, as some crags, such as Didyma, stand over 1,000m tall.

We have thoroughly explored the area, visiting all crags, gathering pertinent information, and capturing stunning photos to present you with the Climbing in Ermionida Guidebook, free of charge.

Details of the Guidebook:

  • Format: A4 portrait (for easy and free printing at home)
  • Layout: User friendly
  • Colour: Full colour print
  • File format: Interactive PDF
  • Pages: 98
  • Crags: 10
  • Bouldering field: 1
  • Routes: 300+
  • General info
  • Access info
  • Topos
  • Photos
  • Panoramas
Climbing in Ermionida Guidebook edition 2023
Download FREE Climbing in Ermionida Guidebook edition 2023
Download FREE Climbing in Ermionida Guidebook edition 2023
Download FREE Climbing in Ermionida Guidebook edition 2023

Crags in Ermionida region

Download for FREE the Climbing in Ermionida Guidebook

Should you wish to receive this complete Climbing Guide for Ermionida, then feel free to download the guide in PDF format. In case you are interested to receive printed copies, the you can in touch via the contact form.

Download for FREE the Climbing in Ermionida Guidebook

Trad/Mountaineering climbing around Ermionida region

About Ermionida

Ermionida  is a municipality in the Argolis regional unit, Peloponnese, Greece. The seat of the municipality is the town of Kranidi.

Ermioni is a small fishing town in Ermionida (Argolis) on the east of Peloponnese. The traditional taverns, the cafés, the paved streets, the beautiful houses and the crystal clear beaches around this area are some of the reasons which make this town is an interesting summer destination of Peloponnese. 

While travelling around the area, you will have the chance to admire olive and pine trees along with plenty of bays with turquoise waters but also plenty of climbing crags. Rock climbing around Ermionida and generally the region of Argolis is all on excellent solid grey limestone. 

The majority of the routes are single pitch sport climbing routes, though there are some trad climbing routes as well.  

However all of the climbing areas are only partially developed, which means there is a massive opportunity to establish new routes in the area. The area of Argolis gets over 3,000 hours of sunshine per year and is a popular holiday destination. 

This also means that it is possible to rock climb virtually throughout the whole year in the region, even in the hot summer months, as some crags such as Didyma are found on higher elevation – as high as 1,000 m.!


Guidebook Cover Photo Credits

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