Simond 2-in-1 Mountaineering Gloves Review

Winter mountaineering activities can be very enjoyable if the gear used is good and appropriate for the conditions. One of the most important gear items for winter mountaineering ascents are naturally gloves.

Simond 2 in1 Mountaineering Glove is designed for mountaineering and it has all the features you normally see on products double its price. So you get a liner glove that has synthetic insulation, and you could wear this on its own. But you also get an outer glove with a waterproof Novadry membrane, which you could also wear on its own. Goat leather palms, a nose wipe, a wrist leash and more make these gloves fully featured.


Simond is based in the Chamonix Valley, at the foot of Mont Blanc, and has been developing mountaineering equipment for over 150 years. Although is part of the Decathlon group, the Simond team consists of 35 people, who were born in the mountains or have made them their home, features a rich diversity of origins and know-how: operators, mounters, machine-setters, engineers, designers, sales people.

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Simond 2 in1 Mountaineering Glove has a preformed construction for hands and fingers enable precision ice axe or rope handling. Leather palm has leather reinforcements for extra durability when using ropes, ice axes and ice screws. The manufacturer declares that the gloves are tested according to thermal test protocol and the following are the recommended and lower limit temperatures:

  • Recommended temperature: -11°C
  • Lower temperature limit: -16°C

From my personal experience, I have never used these pair of gloves bellow -7°C and therefore I can not confirm if the recommended temperature by Simond is valid or not.

Simond 2in1 Mountaineering Gloves
Side profile
Fingers detail
Logo Application

Fit & Comfort

Simond 2 in1 Mountaineering Gloves are available in seven unisex sizes from XS to XXL. The inner glove and outer glove when worn together provide a close, neat fit – although there is a small gap between the outer of the inner glove and the inside of the outer glove, so the fit isn’t as close as gloves without removable liners. Wrist adjustment helps the fit in terms of staying in place on the hand.

These gloves are very warm, thanks to the extra synthetic insulation the liner gloves provide, combined with the small air gap between liner and main glove. Also you can remove the liner glove to dry it more efficiently. The outer glove has stretch material on the back of the hand to allow more freedom of movement, which helps comfort further.

My only concern is the glove loop is only attached on the liner glove and therefore if you are distracted and you remove the outer layer of the glove it might drop down. One more concern I have is that when the gloved have been in used and if moisture has been accumulated between the hand and the liner, it is difficult to remove both gloves at once. This is happening on most 2-in-1 gloves, and is also the case on the Simond 2 in1 Mountaineering Gloves.

Shell and Liner glove
Liner (inner) glove
Linner glove velcro
Glove loop to be attached on the hand

Performance and Details

The Simond 2 in1 Mountaineering Glove although a great glove (for its price) in terms of actual use and performance can be a bit fiddly. If you intend to keep the glove on all day, or most of the day it will be warm and functional. It is well made an keeps your hands warm and dry. But if you need to take off the glove to handle gear or kit it becomes more troublesome. The inner comes off to easily, and as it is the inner that is attached to you wrists it’s far to easy to drop the outer glove. If you get the inner a little damp getting the glove back on was a pain as the outer glove has a thin liner which I found scrunched up making getting the inner back in fiddly.

One more negative aspect of this glove is the binding clip that connects the two gloves. In my opinion is very small and not functional to clip/unclip, especially if you have to do such operation during bad weather conditions. In the photo bellow, you can see the binding clip.

clip to connect two gloves

Specifications and Materials

  • MAIN FABRIC 84.00% Polyamide (PA), 16.00% Elastane
  • PALM 100.00% Leather – Goat
  • LINING 100.00% Polyamide (PA)

Bottom Line

Overall the Simond 2 in1 Mountaineering Glove is a great pair of gloves and performs as good as the much more expensive gloves from the high-end brands. If Simond would develop even further the manufacturing details of this glove, then it would be my absolute choice of preference for any alpine climb.

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