Stubai Ice Axe Review

Several years ago, and once I decided to be more actively involved with mountaineering activities, I needed to get equipped with the appropriate gear. Once of the main tools for winter mountaineering activities is the Ice Axe. The first Ice Axe I have used was an ice axe from the Austrian company, Stubai. Nowadays, I use the Salewa Tec X Ice Axe.

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Stubai Ice Axe

The Valley of Stubai is known not only for its tourism and hospitality. For over 100 years the region has also been renowned for manufacturing high quality products made from the best steel available. Stubai Tooling Industries stands for innovation, quality and safety. 

Stubai stands for tradition. Several thousand tons of steel are processed annually by 24 members of the Stubai Cooperation into high quality tools for wood and metal working, construction, food preparation and outdoor recreation for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Subai Ice Axe
Ice Axe with wrist loop
Stubai ice axe shaft

A modern-style axe for the professional. The gently crooked shaft is for precise application on steep slopes, but still allows use as an anchor point in snow. Both shaft and toothed pick are made to the highest possible standards. This is a very firm and stable ice axe that it served me on many different winter mountaineering ascents such as Lakmos Mountain, Mainalo Mountain, Mount Kyllini etc.

By using this Stubai ice axe, I always had a good feeling about its performance. It is a classic ice axe with a modern design that makes it great all-around gear for classic mountaineering and alpine climbing.

Although not a lightweight option, it is comfortable to carry and use and performs well during self-arrests and in steep terrain. You can even improvise an anchor with the since it has a suitable hole for a leash or carabiner. The slight bend in the shaft provides you with extra clearance for hard snow and overhead ice, yet you don’t have to alter your swinging technique. The height is of 65 cm and the weight of this ice axe is 675 gr.

The head is a single piece of hot-forged steel with enough weight for good swings.

Ice Axe adge and pick
Sharp ice axe pick
Ice axe spike
Stubai logo and carabiner hole

Bottom line

This Stubai ice axe, is a great tool for new comers into the mountaineering world. Stubai designed and produced a very reliable ice axe for the snow and the ice that will help hikers and mountaineers with their outdoor winter adventures.


Steel head
with gripper
with wrist loop
Length 65 cm
Weight 675 gr.

Stubai Ice Axe on Mount Tymfristos

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