Black Diamond Big Air XP Belay Device Unboxing Preview

An essential belay/rappel package, the Black Diamond Big Air XP Package features a new ATC-XP and a Mini Pearabiner screwgate carabiner.

Black Diamond Big Air XP Belay System Packaing

Black Diamond Big Air XP Belay System Packaging Rear view
Information booklets and instructions included in the packaging

The ATC-XP is variable friction belay/rappel devices designed specifically for belaying and rappelling during climbing and mountaineering. The ATC has a high-friction mode (HFM) and a regular-friction mode (RFM), giving one the ability to select the appropriate level of friction for the specific belay or rappel situation. In the HFM, the ATC-XP and have two to three times the friction of the device when used in the RFM. Use the ATC-XP in the HFM when you want more holding power—typically when using small diameter ropes, when rappelling a single line or when belaying a climber working a route. Use the ATC-XP in the RFM when you don’t need the extra holding power.

ATC-XP Belay and Carabiner
Black Diamond ATC-XP ftont view
Black Diamond ATC-XP side view
Black Diamond ATC-XP close up

The Black Diamond ATC-XP comes in a nice anodised blue colour which is the same colour that Black Diamond used for the Transfer 3 Shovel.

See review of Black Diamond Transfer 3 here

Black Diamond ATC-XP Logo detail


Black Diamond Big Air XP Belay Device Package




  • ATC-XP belay device has high-friction grooves that offer 3 times greater hold and stopping power than regular friction mode
  • Machined window through the body makes the device 30% lighter than the original version; ATC-XP weighs 64g
  • Mini Pearabiner screwgate carabiner has a large rope-bearing surface and a keylock nose that won’t snag on slings and bolt hangers


Best Use Climbing
Assisted Braking No
Suitable For Belaying Yes
Suitable For Rappelling Yes
Fits Rope Sizes 7.7mm – 11mm, single/double
Weight 133 grams

Stay tuned on Olympus Mountaineering, because in the coming months I will post a full product review of the Black Diamond ATC-XP based on extensive use on climbing activities.

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