Salewa Ice Axe Tec X Hammer – Review

As winter is approaching it is about time to take off the cast and dust off one of the most crucial items of winter mountaineering, the ice axe.

The Salewa Tex X Hammer Ice Axe is not the latest model of Salewa but is one of the most versatile models ever produced. The Salewa Tex X Hammer Ice Axe has ergonomic head with optimally balanced weight  for a perfect swing and placement. The 20° curve in the shaft makes sure the user can use not much power and deliver an outstanding stroke power.

Salewa Ice Axe Tec X – Hammer (pair)

The pick of the Tec X is aggressive and interchangeable made out of tempered steel. One of the most interesting features of this ice axe is the ergonomically shaped ProGrip shaft which also has a sanded print grip zone. This facilitates the user to have optimal control even in low temperatures and wet conditions. The curved shape of the shaft enables comfortable climbing on steep terrain which means the user needs to spend less energy on using this ice tool.

Salewa Tec X Hammer
Salewa Tec X Hammer

The Salewa Tec X Ice Axe is produced in a beautiful light blue “anodized” colour which the only minor point is that can be scratched relatively easy. Though, this is not influencing the performance of the tool. On the bottom part of the Tec X Ice Axe, the spike is well thought and the design also integrates a “rest” handle which becomes very useful when in mix climbing conditions.

Salewa Tec X Spike
Salewa Tec X Pick
Salewa Tec X Pick Detail
Salewa Tec X Head Detail
Salewa Tec X Hammer
Salewa Tec X Hammer Detail
Pair of Salewa Tec X
Salewa Tec X

Bottom Line:

Although not in production any more, the Salewa Tec X Hammer is a great choice as an all round ice axe. It can be used for touring but also for more steep and technical ascents. The 20° curve in the shaft provides excellent grip and in combination with the ProGrip technology makes this Ice Axe very easy and safe to use. The Salewa Tec X Hammer fit for use whether you’re a recreational alpine walker looking for extra stability or professional mountaineer.

Product description

  • Category: Combination tour
  • Type: T
  • Shaft material: aluminium
  • Material hatchet, shovel: hardened steel
  • Shaft curvation: 20 °
  • Shaft lenght: 52.5 cm
  • Weight: 540 g
  • Blade angle adjustable: yes
  • With non-slip grip: yes
  • Handrest: including


WEIGHT (G / OZ) 540 g / 19.05 oz­
BEST USE Technical Mountaineering
Pair axe: Tec-X Adze
ICE RATING Pick: T / Type 2
Shaft: T / Type 2

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