Black Diamond Transfer 3 Shovel Review

The Black Diamond Transfer 3 Shovel’s home is in the mountains, where it can use its tough aluminum blade, trapezoidal aluminum shaft, and hybrid D/T handle to dig snow pits and plow through avalanche debris. The handle’s extendable, and also pops out of the blade for easy storage in your pack and quick access when you need it.

Detail view of the shaft

Fortunately, so far, we have not used the BD Transfer 3 shovel for any excavation after an avalanche, but it has been very useful to dig snow for our tents and several times to do avalanche inspection.

It is very strong and lightweight shovel and I particularly like the blue anodised colour on the aluminium surface. In comparison to Transfer 7, the Transfer 3 has a smaller blade which will fit in the majority of backpacks. To pack away, simply remove the shaft from the blade.


Some Features:

  • Weight: 650g
  • Length: 65-83cm
  • Pack size: 42x21cm
  • Material: 6061 Aluminium T6
  • Colour: Blue anodised

Bottom line: Highly recommended snow shovel that is lightweight and can be easily packed in smaller backpacks as well. Price vs value very good.

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