The North Face Verbera Lightpacker GTX

Combining waterproof protection and generous support, The North Face Verbera Lightpacker GTX boots are ideal for medium-load backpacking.

These boots feature suede leather and Panatex ballistic textile uppers, complemented by advanced Gore-Tex® membranes for waterproof protection and breathable performance, so feet remain cool and dry whether the rain is pouring or the sun is out.

Weight-efficient Smartlite® mudguards and premium EVA Northotic foot beds also come as standard, along with Cradle technology for extra support and stability in the heel regions and Vibram® outsoles for grip on slick ground.


My personal experience with these boots is great. I have used these boots for normal day hike in simple trails, in demanding backpacking with heavy loads and also in winter mountaineering activities with crampons. I have never had any single issue with the boots, actually quite the opposite. The North Face Verbera Lightpacker GTX kept me always warm and dry under various circumstances. Furthermore, the semi-rigid outsole performed exceptionally (in combination with crampons) in snow/ice conditions.

These boots have walked me several thousand kilometres and helped me to ascent dozens of mountain peaks with minimum wear. The fit of the boot feel great too. I use a size 46 (US 12.5, UK 11.5, 30.5CM) and the TPU Cradle heel stability technology “embraces” my hell accurately and there is no heel lift. The sole is quite stiff and the boot hugs the ankle and heel nicely.

Some features:

  • Gore-Tex waterproof, breathable membrane
  • Suede leather upper and ballistic textile
  • Stainless steel upper eyelets and locking instep eyelet
  • Northotic Pro + premium
  • EVA footbed with gel heel
  • Ortholite forefoot cushioning pads
  • TPU Cradle support
  • TPU Cradle heel stability technology
  • 3 part co-molded midsole
  • Agile PU body
  • EVA heel cushioning
  • Vibram Masai outsole
  • Polypropylene lasting board

The Vibram Masai outsole is performing quite well, though on wet rocks can be a bit slippery as well. Therefore, in such conditions, I try to think like there is not the “Vibram technology”.


Stainless Steel Eyelets & Gore-Tex membrane

Comfort: Did not require more than a few hours to adjust to them, and no real break-in time as you would expect from full leather walking boots. Fit was good so no chaffing, friction or pressure points, and boots are high enough to keep out debris.

Finally, the design of the boot is simple but nice. Is “friendly” but still have an aggressive and “solid” look that makes you feel you can trust this pair of boots on various conditions. A minor issue I have found on the aesthetics of these boots, is that the printed logo of TNF on the rubber upper part faded out quite rapidly. Is not influencing at all the performance of the boots, but only the aesthetics of the boots.

Vanished printed TNF logo from the upper rubber part

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a pair of solid, multipurpose boots that are comfortable, waterproof and are well manufactured, I highly suggest The North Face Lightpacker GTX boots

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