Camp Mach Express Dyneema Quickdraw Review

In the past years, I have been advancing in terms of mountaineering skills and climbing abilities and I have constantly been progressing to climb tougher routes. In order to do so, one needs to be physically and mentally trained, but most of the times needs to be equipped with the most adequate gear in order to have a safe and pleasant outdoor adventure.

One of the most important items for mountaineering activities is the quickdraw, and specifically the alpine quickdraw.


Why using an alpine quickdraw

Imagine a trad route that traverses before turning vertical, or one that zig-zags back and forth. This is fairly common, especially in multi-pitch climbing. Combine a wandering line with long pitches, and you have a recipe for crippling rope drag.

Extending the point of attachment decreases the distance from a piece to the line that your climbing rope wants to take. On a zig-zagging line, it means that the rope has to cover less horizontal distance and stays closer to plumb.


Camp Mach Express Dyneema 60 cm

Prior of deciding which alpine quickdraws I would buy, I had to keep in mind some of the following points:

  • Light – they are being carried a long way
  • Compact – sometimes you need to carry a lot of them
  • Versatile – you never know what big routes will throw at you
  • Functional – easy to use in any situation

Upon that, a fellow climbing partner, informed me that an online store was selling the Camp Mach Express Dyneema in a great price, and thus, my decision became much easier.

The Camp Mach Express Dyneema 60 cm is designed to be ‘the ultimate trad draw’, featuring the low profile Nano 22 carabiner on the bolt-end combined and the Photon Wire on the rope-end. The Nano 22’s low-profile takes up less space on your harness and reduces weight, whilst the full-sized Photon Wire, the lightest full-sized carabiner on the market, makes for easier and faster clipping and unclipping of the rope, even when wearing gloves.


Check out some of the routes I have used the Mach Express Dyneema Alpine Quickdraws:

Not only is the Mach Express Dyneema 60 cm from Camp superlight, compact and functional, but it’s also larger than others on the market. This is due to the long Dyneema sling that will always come in handy in the Alps or when setting new routes: use the full length, half or any way you want! For example, it is ideal for alpine climbing far from plaisir routes when building a belay station or for intermediate protection points to keep the path of your rope straight and reduce friction between the rope and the rock.

A long Dyneema sling is ideal when using a rock horn or rime mushroom as anchor points. Basically, the possibilities are endless for those who improvise in the icy heights of the mountains.The unbelievable lightness of the Mach Express Dyneema 60 cm from Camp is due not only to the light, thin Dyneema sling but also the Photon Wire and Nano 22 wire-gate carabiners from Camp.


How to Build an Alpine Quickdraw

Building an alpine draw is one of those things you would never think to do until you’re shown, but it’s simple once you know how.

The steps are these:

  1. Clip both carabiners to your sling
  2. Pass one carabiner through the other
  3. Clip the passed-through ‘biner onto both strands of the sling

And that’s it.


Camp Mach Express Dyneema in Action



  • Equipped with Nano 22 carabiner for the gear end and full-size Photon Wire for the rope end; low-profile design takes up less rack space
  • Dyneema runner is 10mm x 60cm, making it versatile, strong and extremely lightweight for security on any route without the bulk or excess weight
  • Versatile and functional, it’s easy to operate while wearing gloves, making it well-suited for difficult trad leads, ice climbing and alpine mixed routes

Technical specs

Best Use
Gate Type
Gate Open Clearance
Nano: 21 millimeters; Photon Wire: 26 millimeters
Strength Major Axis Closed
Nano: 22 kilonewtons; Photon: 22 kilonewtons
Strength Major Axis Open
Nano: 8 kilonewtons; Photon: 8 kilonewtons
Strength Minor Axis
Nano: 9 kilonewtons; Photon: 9 kilonewtons
Sling Length (cm)
60 centimeters
73 grams

Bottom Line

The Mach Express Dyneema 60 cm from Camp is an excellent quickdraw that will provide the safety you need when you need it on those steep rock faces! It will be particularly appealing to those adventure-seeking alpine climbers, fans of north walls and mixed routes as well as route setters.

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25 thoughts on “Camp Mach Express Dyneema Quickdraw Review

  1. I went through a phase where I was obsessed with mountaineering movies. While climbing mountains isn’t in the cards for me anytime soon (that would require me to first live in a mountainous region), I’ve enjoyed reading about your adventures and the equipment required. It’s all very fascinating. Thanks for sharing.


    1. I am pleased to know you like to read about the outdoor adventures here in Greece and that through the Olympus Mountaineering blog, you also get to know more about the necessary gear.

      Nowadays, general mountaineering and climbing gear is being developed in such a fast pace, that it is rather difficult to keep track of all new products of the market.

      Thanks for reading and for your kind comment.

      Liked by 1 person

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