PETZL Adjama 2021 – Climbing Harness Review

Rock climbing is an activity that is done outdoors and provides a feeling unlike any other outdoor activity. To reach that feeling, though, you need to have the correct gear to keep you safe in case of a fall. A climbing harness is a crucial piece of equipment: it’s the contact point between you, your rope and your belayer (the person on the ground on the other end of the rope to stop you from falling).

There are many climbing harness options to choose from and it all depends what kind of climbing you are planning to do and how the specific harness fits on your body.

Petzl Adjama 2021 Harness with gear

Personally, although I have fitted and used several climbing harnesses, I have mostly used the following two ones:

Although with the Mammut Ophir Speedfit I have been more than satisfied, by growing in terms of climbing level and the willingness to try more advanced trad climbing and winter mountaineering routes, I wanted to get on my hands a climbing harness that would be dedicated for such activities.

After a lot of research and mostly by the tip of a climbing buddy, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to try the Petzl ADJAMA. The Petzl ADJAMA is a comfortable, well-featured climbing harness and covers pretty much all your needs in one model.

Petzl Adjama 2021

Climbing long trad routes requires a comfortable harness for hanging at belays and the capacity to carry an entire rack and shoes, jacket, and anchor building tools. With its comfortable padded Endoframe waistbelt and leg loops and five giant gear loops, the Petzl Adjama is the perfect harness for this style of climbing.

In addition to the extra wide and rigid front gear loops that make clipping and un-clipping biners a cinch, this harness has the largest and easiest to access rear gear loop, which we find perfect for hanging our shoes and stuffed windbreaker. It has adjustable leg loops for greater customization and comfort and is among the most comfortable we tested while hanging at the belay. While it is a bit bulky for everyday sport climbing use, we highly recommend it for multi-pitch adventures and trad cragging.

Something that I was not happy at all, is the fact that this harness came without carry/protective bag. In my opinion, when you purchase such a product from such a company a carry/protective bag should be provided.

Petzl Adjama 2021 Harness
Petzl Adjama 2021 Harness – belay loop
Petzl Adjama 2021 Harness Review – buckle
Petzl Adjama 2021 Harness – Gear loops
Petzl Adjama 2021 Harness – Detail
Petzl Adjama 2021 Harness – Leg loop

Design & Materials

The overall design of the Petzl Adjama harness is simple and efficient. The colour shades are within the range of blue (a darker and lighter version) and is having all necessary loops for any kind of climb.

Mainly designed for technical mountaineering, trad climbing and multi-pitch climbing, the Adjama harness is equipped with adjustable leg loops that adapt to all climbers in all seasons. The padded leg loops and waistbelt ensure maximum comfort without hindering freedom of movement. The five equipment loops carry all the equipment required for progression on ice or rock, and make it easily accessible during the activity. Is also good to mention that the tie-in points are reinforced and this means extra security, but also extra durability.

Gear Loops

The Petzl Adjama has five gear loops in total. All gear loops are quite large in order to receive as much gear as possible. The front gear loops are are rigid in order to be able to work better with getting and/or placing back the gear. There are two flexible loops in the back for added comfort when you’re wearing a backpack. A large central loop in the back helps to distribute the load as well and is great for attaching heavy items, like shoes. 

Haul Loop & Lack of Ice Clipper Loops

Next to the five gear loops, there is an additional haul loop for clipping a tag line. This harness does not have ice clipper loops. However, Petzl has released their Caritool EVO ice clippers, which are meant to be used in conjunction with this harness, and clip over the entire waist belt, so they don’t need sewn on slots to clip through. So, should you have the normal Caritool Ice Clippers, then you need to upgrade and buy the Caritool Evo ice clippers and in my opinion this is not very convenient.

Waist Belt – Issue to be fixed

On the waist of the harness, there is large doubled-back buckle which does not loosen on its own accord, and the end of the webbing there are two elastic loops in order to ensure to keep the webbing in order. Though, in my case, that I wear size L, I have to tight up all way and the webbing is dangling in the way. It should have been better if Petzl would either place an additional elastic loop or to distribute the existing ones better.

Petzl Adjama 2021 Harness – Front View


Petzl Adjama 2021 Harness – Profile View
Petzl Adjama 2021 Harness – Rear View
Petzl Adjama 2021 Harness – Detail
Petzl Adjama 2021 Harness – Material Detail

Fit, Comfort & Ergonomy

Despite being a rather bulky harness, the Petzl Adjama is very comfortable while wearing it and mostly when hanging on it. Using the same Endoframe technology also found in other Petzl harnesses, which essentially is an evenly distributed weight-bearing method covered in thin, breathable foam padding, this is one of the more comfortable harnesses to hang in.


Although it is a bulky product, in terms of mobility will not make you feel uncomfortable and as soon as you get used to the bulkiness of the harness, you will just enjoy the comfort that provides. Having said that, I would prefer a slightly less bulky option for the future.


For one thing that I have fully enjoyed this harness, is the comfort that provides during belaying. In the past, when I had to belay a partner climber, sometimes I was getting tires in my back, but with the Petzl Adjama, I never had such an issue. With its wide leg loops that are padded with comfortable foam, the Adjama is one of the most comfortable harnesses for putting in extended belay duty.

Petzl Adjama 2021 Harness with gear
Petzl Adjama 2021 Harness with gear
Petzl Adjama 2021 Harness with gear
Petzl Adjama 2021 Harness with gear and Petzl Quark Ice Axe
Petzl Adjama 2021 Harness with gear and Petzl Quark Ice Axe


  • Comfortable to wear:
    – padded waistbelt and leg loops 
    – wide waistbelt provides comfortable positioning
    – ENDOFRAME Technology construction allows excellent weight distribution 
  • Capacity for transporting a large quantity of equipment:
    – two very large rigid equipment loops in front for transporting a lot of gear and for easy clipping and unclipping of carabiners
    – two rear equipment loops are flexible, for bringing gear to the front and for comfort when carrying a backpack
    – one large center rear equipment loop for carrying belay station gear, shoes or special equipment
  • Adaptability: leg loops adjustable with DoubleBack buckles, to adapt to different body types and to seasonal clothing

Technical Specs

WEIGHT (G) 485 g


S : 460 g / 16.2 oz
M : 485 g / 17.1 oz
L : 515 g / 18.2 oz
XL : 545 g / 19.2 oz
(weight converted from grams to ounces)

GEAR LOOPS 5 Gear loops

S (will fit the upper range of XS)
Waist : 71-77 cm / 28-30.3 in
Legs : 47-57 cm / 17.7-22.4 in
Waist : 77-84 cm / 30.3-33.1 in
Legs : 51-61 cm / 20.1-24 in
Waist : 84-92 cm / 33.1-36.2 in
Legs : 54-64 cm / 21.3-25.2 in
XL (will fit the lower range of XXL)
Waist : 92-100 cm / 36.2-39.4 in
Legs : 56-66 cm / 22-26 in
(we converted centimeters to inches)

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