Souda Twin Waterfalls – Theodoriana – Hiking in Tzoumerka (family friendly)

Tzoumerka (or Athamanika), characterised by the mountains, the rugged landscape and the dense greenery, have the water element omnipresent in order to offer its freshness and balance through its everlasting movement! Thus, on the one hand there is the Acheloos river with its unique beaches, and on the other the Theodoriana village and its unique, twin waterfalls of Souda.

Beginning of the trail towards the Souda Waterfalls

Having visited the wonderful “Marks Stream“, we decided to continue our exploration in the area by visiting the twin waterfalls of Souda. This is a very easy hike and suitable for non-experienced hikers and/or families with kids.

In order to reach the twin waterfalls of Souda you can do it in two ways:

  • to start the hike from Theodoriana village or
  • drive up to the dedicated parking lot and start the hike from there.

Due to the fact we had limited amount of time, and wanted to explore further the area, we decided to drive up to the parking lot and start our hike from there. The trail starts right from the parking spot (there is a dedicated signage) and the overall hike is very easy with minimum elevation gain.

Trail – easy terrain
water stream
hiking on old path
trail signs
stairs on the trail
Beautiful view while hiking


The Twin Waterfalls of Souda

In order to reach the twin waterfalls of Souda, you need to hike about 1km and this only takes between 15 to 20 minutes. The trail is singed and the path is very easy to follow. While you hike towards the waterfalls, you have a refreshing water stream on your left and stunning views on the right.

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As soon you reach the viewpoint, you see two waterfalls falling over a cliff. The water falls from 25-meters high and 800 cubic meters per hour, making the Souda one of the most impressive, Greek waterfalls.

Almost at the waterfalls
Enjoying the view
Mesmerising waterfall
Souda Waterfalls


About Athamanika Mountains (Tzoumerka)

Athamanika mountains rise in-between the boundaries of the counties of Arta, Ioannina and Trikala. At the West the mountains are bounded by Aracthos river and at the East by Acheloos river. Geomorphologically, the region is divided into 2 sections: the northern section, belongs to Ioannina prefecture and hosts  the highest peak (2469 meters) and the southern part belongs mainly to the prefecture of Arta.

Geologically, Athamanika Mountains are consisted mainly of limestones and flysch formations. This alternation of rocks combined with intense rainfall has resulted the development of an extensive groundwater with a presence of springs in many places. The most famous water spring is “Agathi“, near the village of Melisourgoi. Also, a nice natural attraction is the waterfall of Kefalovriso.

About Theodoriana

Theodoriana is a village and former community in the Arta regional unitEpirusGreece. Northeast is the Trikala regional unit. The Pindos and the Athamanian mountains cross the northeastern part. The Acheloos river flows by the village along the regional road the connects Arta to Trikala.

The entire area of Theodoriana are mountains and pine trees along with forests dominate the whole municipality except for the upper parts and the valley areas where farmlands are located. Some of its residents live only during the summer months and leave during the winter months.

Theodoriana was founded in 250 BC as Theodoria by Theodorus of AthamaniaTheodorus of Athamania was king of the Athamanians in south-eastern Epirus. He is known otherwise only from the Delian temple inventories: his daughter Phila made dedications there before 225 BC. In 250 BC, King Theodorus founded the city of Theodoria, nowadays Theodoriana.

Details of the Hike:

  • Location: Souda Waterfalls Theodoriana
  • Trail Signs: Signed path
  • Maximum Elevation: 987 m.
  • Minimum Elevation: 802 m
  • Total Distance: 2 km (with the return)
  • Hiking time: 30-45 min (with the return)
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • When to Hike: Any time of the year
Route in 3D

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