Hiking in Tzoumerka (Athamanika) Theodoriana – Marks Stream – Rema Marks – (family friendly)

It’s been almost 6 months since my last visit to the area of Mt. Tzoumerka (Athamanika) and this time I wanted to explore an area of the mountains that I have never been before. The overall plan was to visit and explore the Central and Eastern Tzoumerka and specifically the hiking opportunities around Theodoriana village.

The trail to Marks area leads us to the heart of Elatia, the largest and pristine forest of Theodoriana, and a wonderful stream with lakes and waterfalls.

Starting point – Information board

About Theodoriana

Theodoriana is a village and former community in the Arta regional unitEpirusGreece. Northeast is the Trikala regional unit. The Pindos and the Athamanian mountains cross the northeastern part. The Acheloos river flows by the village along the regional road the connects Arta to Trikala.

The entire area of Theodoriana are mountains and pine trees along with forests dominate the whole municipality except for the upper parts and the valley areas where farmlands are located. Some of its residents live only during the summer months and leave during the winter months.

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Theodoriana was founded in 250 BC as Theodoria by Theodorus of Athamania. Theodorus of Athamania was king of the Athamanians in south-eastern Epirus. He is known otherwise only from the Delian temple inventories: his daughter Phila made dedications there before 225 BC. In 250 BC, King Theodorus founded the city of Theodoria, nowadays Theodoriana.

How to reach Marks Stream – Rema Marks

Marks Stream – Rema Marks

The trail to the beautiful Marks Stream starts about 2.5 km from the village square on the way to Arta. Passing the junction at the water bottling plant, coming out of the road with the fir trees, one comes across, a sign that leads left to a forest road and to the beginning of the path.

The trail starts from the tarmac road and descends on a path into a wonderful fir forest, in the footsteps of the old path which led to “Elatia”. after few minutes we reach a bridge where we cross it and from that point and on, the entire trail is under the shade of the trees.

The trail is well signed, with older and newer signs and I could also say very easy to hike and very family friendly.

Trail signage
Beginning of the trail with nice view
Marks Stream Trail Signage
A bit of downhill until we reach the stream with the bridge
Nice trail
The bridge
crossing the bridge
Hiking in the forest
a bit of sun between the trees
Nice hiking path

1st Lake – Marks Stream (Rema Marks)

Following the trail next to the stream, into the forest we hear the water rushing out of huge rocks, forming continuous waterfalls and green lakes. The sunlight barely penetrates the dense plane trees that cover them. about 20-25 minutes into the trail, we come across a crossroad of signages, which indicate the direction for the 1st lake and the direction to the 2nd lake and the rest of the trail.

At the point, we turned left and in about 70 meters, and after some stairs that we had to downhill we came across the beautiful 1st lake with the really nice small waterfall.

1st Lake signage
Trail to the 1st lake
Last few meters of downhill before we see the 1st lake
1st lake from above
1st lake and a nice small waterfall
Lovely location

2nd Lake – Marks Stream (Rema Marks)

Having visited and enjoyed the short stop at the first lake, it was time to continue our exploration at Marks Stream and visit the second and one of the most fabulous locations I have ever visited in Tzoumerka (Athamanika) mountains.

In order to visit the second lake, we need to return towards the crossroad and from there we need to follow the signs that indicates the trail to the second lake. In order to reach this stunning location, we need to hike downhill in an easy terrain for about 180 meters.

As soon we see this second pond full of water we can easily understand that the whole effort was worthwhile. The stream that comes from the first lake, not forms multiple smaller waterfalls, that all end up to the 2nd lake. The view is simply wonderful, like in a fairytale.

2nd Lake signage
Old signage
first view of the 2nd lake
2nd Lake
What a lovely lovation
Stunning view

Details of the Hike:

  • Location: Rema Marks Theodoriana
  • Trail Signs: Signed path
  • Maximum Elevation: 987 m.
  • Minimum Elevation: 802 m
  • Total Distance: 3 km
  • Hiking time: 2 hours (with easy pace – including the breaks)
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • When to Hike: Any time of the year
View of the route

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9 thoughts on “Hiking in Tzoumerka (Athamanika) Theodoriana – Marks Stream – Rema Marks – (family friendly)

    1. During summer time, one of the nicest ways to enjoy Greece is to hike bellow the alpine level, under the shadow of the trees. Now, if you combine this with pools, waterfalls and streams, it can only be better.

      An indeed, this kind of hikes are easy and family friendly.


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