Climbing in Dardiza – Ermioni – Argolis | Greece

We are at the beginning of November, and in Greece we still have splendid weather, actually great conditions for climbing. As I have been visiting the region of Ermioni often, I came to know that besides all the other climbing crags of the region, there is a tiny crag nearby Dardiza developed by Hans and Jeannette Weninger

Although, I do not see the real point of why having bolted routes on this short crag, I have decided to visit the area and give it a try. 

Climbing_Dardiza_Ermioni_Ermionida_113722_051The crag in Dardiza, has two (2) easy routes of about 10 meters high.

Crags in Ermionida region

About Dardiza Crag

This is a tiny crag bolted by Hans and Jeannette Weninger and one could also consider as a good location for bouldering. In the south face of the rock, there are two routes (George and Filia), instead, the rest of the rock is unexploited for the time being.

On the west face of the crag, there is potential for few more routes, but all said routes would be maximum 12 meters high.

Crag location: 37.410559, 23.279172


Great view from the Dardiza Crag


Approach: How to reach the Dardiza Crag 

Coming from Ermioni or Kranidi (same applies also if one drives from Athens of Nafplio), one has to follow the road towards Thermisia.

About 5 km and at point 37.406167, 23.277654 turn left towards the north. At point 37.408044, 23.281630 turn again left and drive uphill till you see a large water tank that is on the side of the road. On the left side, there is a dirt road that leads directly to the climbing crag.

Parking lot: 37.409321, 23.280151




The Routes

Dardiza crag, as aforementioned, offers only two easy routes that share the same belay

  • George | 5a – 3 bolts | 10 meters
  • Filia 2 | 5a – 2 bolts | 10 meters

Both routes have only one crux and is not difficult to climb it.


Bellow photos of Filia 5a 10 m.


Bellow photos of George 5a 10 m.

Climbing_Dardiza_Ermioni_Ermionida_114505_777Climbing_Dardiza_Ermioni_Ermionida_114554_945Climbing_Dardiza_Ermioni_Ermionida_114613_155Climbing_Dardiza_Ermioni_Ermionida_114646_424Climbing_Dardiza_Ermioni_Ermionida_114706_114Climbing_Dardiza_Ermioni_Ermionida_114738_415Climbing_Dardiza_Ermioni_Ermionida_114758_680Climbing_Dardiza_Ermioni_Ermionida_114824_918Climbing_Dardiza_Ermioni_Ermionida_MAIN copy

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Trad/Mountaineering climbing in Ermionida region

Further Information

This post contains many information regarding the various crags and sectors in the Ermionida region. Should you wish to know more and your have a specific question, we would be pleased to try to help you out.

You can contact us, via the contact page.

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15 thoughts on “Climbing in Dardiza – Ermioni – Argolis | Greece

  1. Splendid weather, indeed. I won’t tell you about the grey and rainy days here in Germany. And I envy you all the the mountains with a view. I hope you can climb even during the Lockdown in Greece now


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