Climbing in Pillars of the Wind – Argolis, Greece

While we are on tour climbing in the region of Argolis, we have decided to go and check a rather unvisited crag, the Pillars of the Wind (Τα πιλλιέ των ανέμων). The Pillars of the Wind is a beautiful rock between Mount Didimo and Mount Ortholithi.

Pillars of the Wind, is an interesting rock formation giving the impression that a giant hand has thrust a lump of rock through the surrounding soil leaving shattered pinnacles and crazily leaning giant boulders. Very reminiscent of a Dartmoor for except it is made of limestone.

Pillars of the Wind is a very friendly venue with good access, a good variety of routes and great quality rock.

Pillars of the Wind as seen from the parking lot



South side of Iliokastro heading north take right turn just before village to Thermissia. (Watch out Greek spelling, starts with a theta). After 200m road goes sharp right on a bend. Go straight on on tarmac, crag is visible ahead and left. Keep going for about 6km. Road keeps going dirt then back to tarmac. It seems like you have passed the crag, but keep going up to the windmills. At the col turn sharp back left towards the crag. Up a bit more through the windmills to park at the base of one of them with the crag below left. Walk down the ridge to the crag.

Walk in: 5 minutes – Follow a small goat path through the bushes to the cliff.

Ugly wind mills – Parking lot

Climbing in the Pillars of the Wind

This is a limestone inclusion in an area of volcanic activity and is like a miniature mountain peak with lots of shattered pinnacles. From above it doesn’t seem to offer much but the good climbing is on the east and south sides. Some of the rock at the top can be loose but otherwise is excellent. Try to take care if you stray off route. A crag with a friendlier ambience than most, and wonderful views, a deservedly popular venue for family groups as it is very child-friendly with a special top-rope area for the kids.

  • The Choice. Top Rope Routes: 24
  • Single Pitch Bolt Routes to 30m: 31
  • Trad: 1 route
  • Project: 1 route

The Playground Sector

This is a very pleasant picnick spot with some shade from the sun and loads of short (up to 10m) routes primarily intended for kids. They are provided with bolt belays and chains to reduce chafe where needed.

All 1st ascents by J. Titt & I. Zaczek. Some of the lower grades may not be very accurate as J. Titt soloed these.


East Face Sector

This is the second sector of the Pillars of the Wind and it is a great spot after mid day. There is pleasant shade and plenty of routes. Though, I have to say that the grades of the routes, are not accurate. The routes are much more difficult compared to other crags and there are long run-outs.

For example, if your climbing level is 6b, you should try starting at around 5b/c, otherwise you risk to be unpleasantly surprised.

Attention: Route #6 is very dangerous. Do not climb this route, as a very large loose block will kill you!


Climbing “The FabulousThunderbirds” 6b
Climbing “The FabulousThunderbirds” 6b
Climbing “The FabulousThunderbirds” 6b
Climbing “The FabulousThunderbirds” 6b

South Wall Sector

This sector is great for late autumn, winter and early spring time. The sun is almost all day long there and there is almost no shadow. Again, this sector is poorly bolted and is certainly not for beginners. Long run outs, like on the East face sector and rather difficult routes.


Climbing “Joyride” 6a
Climbing “Joyride” 6a
Climbing “Joyride” 6a
Climbing “Joyride” 6a


View towards Hydra island

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Additional Information

  • Height: 30m.
  • Altitude: 650m.
  • Routes: 56.
  • Season: All Year.
  • Access: Poor.
  • Walk-in: 5min.
  • Water: Νο
  • Children: Good. Special Kids area with top rope routes for them.

You can get additional and more detailed information about all the climbing routes on Frachthi, by visiting the detailed guide of J. Titt.

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