Hiking to Balta di Stringa Waterfall – Iliochori – Zagori (Tymfi)

We are in the middle of the summer season in Greece, and this summer the temperatures are very high even for Greece. Having daily temperatures above 40 C, there are not many outdoor activities that we can enjoy, but we can certainly enjoy a lovely and easy hike to the breathtaking waterfall of Balta di Stringa.

Balta di Stringa is located just one kilometer  far from the village of Iliochori. There is a main watrfall followed by other two small waterfalls in a row. The main waterfall is over 25 meters high.
Balta di Stringa main Waterfall

About Iliochori

liochori is one of the Zagori villages in northwest Greece. It is located in the municipal unit of Tymfi in the northern part of the regional unit of Ioannina. According to a local legend, the village was founded as Rasciana, on the river of the same name. However, that site was abandoned because of a lack of drinking water, and the inhabitants scattered to found Iliochori and the nearby town of Laista (ancient Lisinitza). Iliochori was traditionally an agricultural village, with husbandry and cultivation of barley and vetch being among its primary areas of economic activity. Viticulture was also prominent, and the village produced a wine, Dobrovino, that gave it its original name. Caravans leaving from Iliochori carried products from the region to the Balkans for trade.

Iliochori Village – Aghios Athanasios Chapel

Balta di Stringa is located east of the village, at an altitude of about 780 m. Τo get there, you have to follow the well signed trail to Laista. The route starts from the central square of the village, is relatively easy and well-signed, and family friendly. It crosses and area of lush vegetation, and on the way to the waterfalls you will find the stone bridge of Petsos.

The path is well organised by the local community and up to the Aghios Athanasios Chapel, is mainly an easy downhill.

Beginning of the Route


Sign towards the waterfall
Water fountain
We move in this path
Info board
Info board – 997 m. to the waterfall
small bridge


Stone Brige


Aghios Athanasios – Balta di Stringa Waterfall

Having reached Aghios Athanasios, one can have a short break for some water and then to continue with the downhill. On this point we are about in the half of the entire route, but from that point an on, and depending how much water the waterfall brings we can start hearing the splashing sounds of the cold water.

The water from the large waterfall forms a pond with crystal clear water, which flows downhill to form a second, smaller waterfall. A unique and rejuvenating experience awaits those who are brave enough to delve into the icy waters.

Leaving behind Aghios Athanasios
Well maintained path
First view of the Waterfall
Crossing the Bridge
Balta di Stringa Waterfall
Balta di Stringa Waterfall
Balta di Stringa Waterfall
Balta di Stringa Waterfall
Balta di Stringa Waterfall
view from Balta di Stringa Waterfall


Between them and in the rocks, natural swimming pools are formed by the rapid and icy waters of Kryopotamos river.

Details of the Hike:

  • Location: Iliochori Village
  • Starting Point:Iliochori Village
  • Ending Point: Balta di Stringa
  • Trail Signs: Signed path
  • Maximum Elevation: 981 m.
  • Minimum Elevation: 775 m
  • Total Distance: 1 km (and 2 km roundtrip)
  • Hiking time: 30 min (with easy pace – including the breaks)
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • When to Hike: Any time of the year
  • Water Features: two

Bellow you can see the route we have followed on a map and on 3D:


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