Mount Tymfi (Pindos) Thru-Hike Part 2 – ASTRAKA REFUGE – ASTRAKA PEAK

This is the second (of the four) part of the Mount Tymfi (Pindos) Thru-Hike. In case you haven’t checked the first part, feel free to check it out here:

Mount Tymfi (Pindos) Thru-Hike Part 1 – Kapesovo – Mezaria Gorge – Vikos Canyon – Mikro Papingo

Avragonia Church and water fountain


After having a good night rest and waking up in the magnificent Avragonia little mountain church, we refilled our bottles of fresh water that runs from the Avragonia water fountain. Our first destination of this day was the Astraka Mountain hut/Refuge which by the guide should be a hike of 2 hours and 50 minutes. On this trail, there are plenty of water fountains and the first one is name Antalki fountain.

Direction to Astraka mountain hut
Astraka Towers
Arriving at Antalki Fountain
Antalki fountain
Next stop, Trafos fountain
Trail towards Trafos fountain
First view of the Astraka peak
Resting point
Trafos fountain

Rest point with stunning views
Path to Astraka mountain hut
First view of the Astraka mountain hut
Wild horses nearby the Astraka Refuge
The Astraka Mountain Hut/Refuge
After 1 hour and 50 minutes, we have reached the Astraka Mountain hut. The Astraka Refuge is located at an altitude of 1950m in Radovoli place, particularly in the neck formed between the peaks of Astraka (2.436 meters) and Lapatos. The refuge/mountain hut was constructed in 1966 on the initiative of the Alpine Club of Ioannina and Mountaineering Group of Papigo. In 2004 it was renovated and expanded to its current form. Recently with the contribution of a European financial program solar panels where installed and wind turbines will follow and they will account a 13KW renewable and green power.

ACBR  The shelter can accommodate 51 people in total during the summer months in rooms with bunk beds. The shelter provides beds, pillows and blankets. The refuge/mountain hut is fully equipped with a kitchen and restaurant.

The refuge is open daily from May to October. During the winter months it remains closed and opens for groups under an arrangement with the administrator. Last but not least, it is a base for mountain activities such as hiking, climbing and mountain/backcountry skiing. Bellow, some photos of the surrounding environment.


Looking down from the Astraka Mountain hut
Xeroloutsa Tsoumani (dry lake)


We stayed in the Astraka refuge for about 20 minutes, to have some rest, and soon after we moved on in order to conquer the third highest, but one of the nicest peaks of Mount Tymfi, the Astraka peak, 2.436 meters above sea level.

The Astraka peak belongs to the Tymfi complex which is a complex of peaks and its said to be the most beautiful complex in Pindos mountain range. Surrounded with other peaks like Gamila, Lapatos, Tsouka-Rosa and many others, the complex is “protected” by to canyons (Vikos and Aoos).It would be unfair to declare the peak itself magnificent since the whole complex including the Canyons its a special place.The Dragonlake, Voidomatis and Aoos rivers, the high plateaus, wild life all of this is protected under federal law which forbids hunting, fishing and other activities that are against the words “take with you only photographs and memories and leave behind only your shoe tracks”.

Plenty of people are visiting the place from world-wide every year and for those who are fond of mountain climbing the Astraka mountain hut offers accommodation and some basic comforts and from there you can explore easily the peaks, high altitude lakes and the plateaus.

From the Astraka refuge till the Astraka peak (2.436 m.) there is a 2 hours and 30 minutes hike and scramble.

Downhill from the Astraka Refuge
Reaching a water fountain that is mainly for cows
Cows drinking fresh water
Looking to the Astraka peak
High elevation Plateau
Looking towards Gamila Peak
Loutsa Robozi
Climbing to the top
Climbing to the top
Astraka Peak, 2.436 meters
Gamila Peak
The Dragonlake (drakolimni) at the far end

In the coming days, there will be the 3rd part of the Mount Tymfi (Pindos) Thru-Hike, in which we show Drakolimni (Dragon Lake) so make sure to come back to this blog to see the exciting third part. In case you have not checked the first part, feel free to check it out here:

Mount Tymfi (Pindos) Thru-Hike Part 1 – Kapesovo – Mezaria Gorge – Vikos Canyon – Mikro Papingo


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