Winter Ascent on Mount Kaliakouda

Mount Kaliakouda is like a twin to Chelidona; seperated only by Karpenisiotis river, the two are of almost equal height. An ideal destination for adventure-seekers, it stands out for the wildness of its nature and thanks to its contiguity with other mountains, it may serve as a base for several days of exploration.


The Panta Vrechi (always raining) gorge- taking its name from the constant “rainfall” created by a great number of small waterfalls above-, is very popular among summer hikers, while the network of forest roads linking Kaliakouda to Oxia is perfect for mountain biking. The Krikelopotamos river flows behind the mountain, near the not easily accessible villages Doliana and Roska. Nearby Velouchi mountain is also an ideal destination for mountaineering activities.

Highest elevation

2101 m.

We have started our route just a couple of kilometres from Megalo Chorio. The previous’ night snowfall added an extra layer of thick “powder” snow which made our ascent quite tiring.

Steep slope
Climbing to the Top

First part of the ascent was not very steep, but the last 400 meters of elevation the terrain became much steeper and our fatigue was on high levels.

Almost at the ridge point


Although there was not ice, due to the steepness, the use of ice axes was mandatory. It is not very difficult to slide on a snowy slope and end up 800 meters bellow.

Having climbed the most difficult part of Mount Kaliakouda, we reached the ridge of the mountain and from there we moved towards the peak.

Ridge full of snow on Mount Kaliakouda
Peak point of mount Kaliakouda

From the top of the mountain we enjoyed the amazing view with the various mountains that are in the area.

South ridge of Mount Kaliakouda
West Ridge of Mount Kaliakouda


Recommended routes

Megalo Chorio- shelter- summit:
The waymarked trail starts from Megalo Chorio and ascends through a dense fir forest, crossing the dirt road eight times in total- sadly, many visitors choose to drive all the way to the shelter, producing noise pollution and spoiling those moments of tranquility. The road itself has irreversibly damaged the local environment, while landslides are not a rare phenomenon.
It will take you about two hours to reach the shelter; thereafter follow the road for a while, then continue to the right until you reach the col. The last part of the route is relatively steep, but it only takes an hour to reach the peak, from where you can see Chelidona, Tymfrystos, Oxia and other mountains.

Our route towards the top of Kaliakouda.


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