Winter Ascent on Mount Tymfristos (Velouchi)

Mount Timfristos or Velouchi, located between Evritania and Phthiotis prefectures, belongs to the Pindus mountain range and is connected to Agrafa. From its peak you can see the mountains of central Greece, with Vardousia and Kaliakouda to the south and Panetoliko and Chelidona to the southwest. About 50% of Evritania is dominated by forests- a higher percentage than any other greek perfecture-, consisting mostly of firs and some deciduous species on lower grounds.


On the nortern side, the summit, also known as Psili Korfi (High Peak), constitutes a challenge for those who attempt to climb it from its rocky side. The Karpenisiotis river runs at the mountain’s feet.

Highest elevation

2.315 meters

We have initiated our trip towards Mount Tymfristos from the nearby town Karpenisi. By car we reached the Karpenisi Ski Centre and from there we got all our equipment ready for the ascent. The route is not long, but nevertheless is spectacular with breathtaking views.

First par of the ascent is quite steep
View of Velouchi Peak
Steep Ascent
Beautiful ridge



On top of the ridge


From here we can see the peak column
Moving towards the peak
Peak 2.315 meters


Beautiful Scenery

Bellow a map and the elevation profile of the route from Karpenisi Ski Centre to Psili Koryfi (Peak of Mount Tymfristos)



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