Hiking the Black Cave (Mavri Spilia) Gorge – Proussos Evrytania (family friendly)

The last few months I was mostly focused on sport and trad climbing activities, nevertheless, one of my favourite outdoor activities is hiking, especially when I have the chance to hike together with great company. In fact, on this trip, we had a goal to explore some of the nicest -family friendly- hikes in the area of Evrytania. Having visited the Mikro Panta Vrechi, we wanted to explore more and we visited a lovely short trail, that I have also hiked in the past, the trail that leads to the Black Cave (Mavri Spilia).


The trail starts from the bridge  which is located near the traditional butcher shop of Stremmenou. Right at the beginning of the trail, there is a fountain with plenty of fresh water. In fact, prior of hitting the trail, we filled up our flasks with fresh water and upon that we started to hike this pleasant path. The trail is very obvious, well signed and as already mentioned is family friendly and easy for beginners too.

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Starting point – Sign board
Right at the start there is a water spring
First part of the trail


Bridge – Almost at the waterfall
Crossing the bridge

The Waterfall

About halfway towards the Black Cave, we meet a beautiful waterfall. At that point, we had a short stop in order to enjoy the beautiful view and to have a quick dive to the cool water by the small lake that is formed by the waterfall.

First view of the waterfall
View of the Waterfall


Waterfall – Beautiful view

Evrytania is almost entirely formed of mountains, including the Tymfristos and the Panaitoliko in the south. Its rivers include the Acheloos in the west, Agrafiotis to the east, and Megdova in the east flowing down to the Ionian Sea. It is one of the least populated regional units in Greece. The area borders Aetolia-Acarnania to the west, southwest and south (west over the Acheloos river), Karditsa regional unit to the north, and Phthiotis to the east. Evrytania also features a famous skiing resort located near Karpenisi on the Tymfristos mountain.

Hiking towards the black cave
lovely stream
Crossing the second bridge


First view of the cave


last meters before the cave and the fort

About Black Cave (Mavri Spilia)

After making your way over bridges and brooks, you reach the Black Cave. Not that you can see it coming. Hidden from view until you are upon it, you immediately understand why it served as a refuge during Greece’s occupations. Much of the stone wall that once sealed the cave entrance remains intact. But its full history goes way back, with the ancient Evritanians said to have created an oracle here in honour of Odysseus (worshipping his capacity for combatting life’s obstacles) and another legend saying that it was used as a refuge by the tragic Oedipus.


Scrambling in order to get into the Black Cave


View from the cave

Via Ferrata Black Cave Gorge

Crossing the Via Ferrata you will meet one of the most beautiful landscapes of Evrytania. Via Ferrata is a climbing route that uses metal cables, stairs or ladders, fixed to the rock. Unique routes made for young and old.

Through a path full of fir trees, picturesque wooden bridges and small waterfalls that form natural ponds in many places on the left and right of the path, suitable for swimming, we reach the imposing Black Cave. Somewhere there we leave the path and follow the Via Ferrata, where we will cross the gorge going up where needed to the rocks with the help of metal stairs.

Via ferrata

Details of the Hike:

  • Location: Black Cave (Mavri Spilia) Proussos
  • Trail Signs: Signed path
  • Maximum Elevation: 758 m.
  • Minimum Elevation: 568 m
  • Total Distance: 4,2 km
  • Hiking time: 30 minutes (with easy pace – including the breaks)
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • When to Hike: All year


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