Mount Varnoudas Expedition Preparation – Winter 2017

An impressive mountain range at the edge of Greece, which is distinguished for its rich forests, the variety of streams and the large alpine meadows, which host a affluent in endemic and rare species flora.

Varnoudas or Varnous, is spread at northwest of Florina’s prefecture, in the border with FYROM. The mountain constitutes the south endpoint of the larger mountain range of Peristeri (Pelister or Mpampa in Slavic language), which its main volume is situated insider the neighboring country. West of the mountain, are the Prespes Lakes, with the slopes of Varnoudas offering unique view to the basin that is created by the two lakes. At North, the mountain is connected with the rest of Pelister, at east, the foot of the mountain end up to Florina’s plateau and at south, is divided from Mount Vernon, by Vigla’s neck.

South, across Varnouda, the Mount Triklario is raising. Highest peak of Varnouda is Kitsevo or Despotiko (2.334 m.) and followed by other peaks, such as Belavoda (2.179 m.), Kirko (2.156 m.), Elatia (2.128 m.), Potistres (2.066 m.), Baltan (2.049 m.) and many anonymous peaks.

On this expedition we are going to visit Kirko peak (2.156 m.) and we are going to cross Mount Triklario. The routes we are going to follow are the ones bellow:

Varnoudas Mountain Kirko peak planned route
Mount Triklario planned route

For this trip, I have created a list with all the items I plan to carry on me. Of course, last minute changes might take place in case weather conditions will change dramatically. This list include Item Name, Weight x Item, Total Weight and Remarks. The estimated total weight will be about 13 kg (including food and water supplies). I might try to adjust some items and reduce the weight by a kilogram, but more than that I am afraid I will not be able.

Bellow an image with the Complete list I have created for the upcoming trip to Varnoudas winter expedition.


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