Hiking in West Parnitha – Agios Kiprianos – Koromilia peak – Tamilthi peak – Alogopetra peak – Agios Kiprianos

The past few days, I have had the chance to enjoy one of the most famous mountains of Greece, Mount Parnitha. Mount Parnitha, is one of the most visited mountains due to its proximity to the capital of Greece, Athens.

Athens is the capital of Greece. It was also at the heart of Ancient Greece, a powerful civilisation and empire. The city is still dominated by 5th-century BC landmarks, including the Acropolis, a hilltop citadel topped with ancient buildings like the colonnaded Parthenon temple. Although there is plenty cultural and historical sights in and around Athens, a visitor has many more reasons in order to visit this magnificent city.

Agios Kiprianos Monastery

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Hiking in West Parnitha – Kliston Monastery – Pan’s Cave – Arma – Kliston Monastery

Throughout the years, I have been involved and exploring various outdoor activities. Like most of us, I started my outdoor adventures with simple day hikes, then I moved on with multi-day hikes and trekking, then some scrambling, mountaineering, winter mountaineering, climbing and of course the combination of all the above.

Having this diverse background with the various activities, I have developed a good sense of appreciation of the various natural habitats. One of the most interesting area to visit in Greece, is Mount Parnitha which is located just few kilometres far from the city centre of Athens.

This time, I wanted to go for a solo hike and I decided to visit West Parnitha and the trail that starts from the Kliston Monastery and leads you to Arma via the famous Pan’s cave.

Beautiful view towards the west suburbs of Attica

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Via Ferrata and scrambling in Arma – Parnitha Mountain

Athens is the capital of Greece and offers many different outdoor activities for the visitors of the city just 30 minutes from the city centre. One of the most visited location for such activities is mount Parnitha that besides hiking, climbing and cycling, one can enjoy a really nice Via Ferrata route that is located in “Arma“.

via ferrata (Italian for “iron path”, plural vie ferrate or in English via ferratas) is a protected climbing route found in the Alps and certain other locations. The via ferrata found on Mount Parnitha is called “Arma” and the starting point is nearby “Moni Kliston” monastery. For the most part, it is the route that climbers have been following year after year in order to access the climbing barracks.

First part of Arma Via Ferrata Route

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Via Ferrata Arma – Parnitha Mountain

Winter time in Greece is a very interesting season. Weather conditions can vary from mild to extremely harsh. For this weekend, our initial plan was to visit Vardousia mountain for a winter mountaineering ascent, though the extreme winds (more that 80 km/h) forced us to change our plans. Due to the fact we wanted to try something new, we have decided to visit the splendid Via Ferrata “Arma” which is located on Mount Parnitha.

See the latest visit in Via Ferrata “Arma” with many more photos here

Mt. Parnitha is located in Attiki province, 25km N from the city of Athens.It is one of the 4 mountains(the others are Immitos, Penteli and Aigaleo) that surround the circular plain,in which the city of Athens is built. Mt Parnitha is the talllest and more impressive among the mountains that surround Athens.

Via Ferrata Arma – starting/end point

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