Dry Tooling in Parnassos (Parnassus) Mountain

Few weeks ago, I have been on Mount Parnassos in order to ascent one of the couloirs that is located on the North Face of Gerontovrachos. Due to the fact we climbed fast and finished the route early, instead of leaving the mountain and returning home, we decided to spend some time on a Dry Tooling crag that is located nearby the Ski centre of Parnassos.

This Dry tooling crag is in close proximity of the Kelaria parking lot and it’s very easy to access it.

Dry Tooling crag on Mount Parnassos



From Athens: 196 km. (approximately 2 hours by driving)

From Thessaloniki: 362 km. (approximately 4 hours by driving)

From Patras: 158 km. (approximately 2:30 hours by driving)

Driving from Athens towards Livadia and from there to Arachova and as final destination the Ski Centre of Parnassos. Just before the last turn to Kelaria, on the right side there is a crag with the Dry Tooling routes.

Dry Tooling crag on Mount Parnassos

Dry Tooling Routes

There are about 10 Dry Tooling routes and the easiest one is about M3/M3+ (D3/D3+). It is important to mention that in contrary with the Rizos’ Cave Dry Tooling Crag, this crag in Parnassos is not well bolted. Therefore, it is highly advisable to either place your own protection gear (such as friends and nuts) or even Top Rope the routes.

The great thing about this crag, is that you can reach its highest point by walking and easy path and thread the rope from the belay system. After that, it will be much safer to do this some Dry Tooling training. Instead, for the brave ones that would like to lead, there are few bolts on each route for some basic protection.

Dry Tooling Training M3/M3+

Dry Tooling Training M3/M3+
Dry Tooling Training M3/M3+
Dry Tooling Training M3/M3+
Dry Tooling Training M3/M3+
Dry Tooling Training M3/M3+

Dry Tooling Training M4

Dry Tooling M4/D4
Dry Tooling M4/D4
Dry Tooling M4/D4
Dry Tooling M4/D4

What else to do on Mount Parnassos?

Parnassos Ski Centre

Parnassos Ski Center is located at an altitude of 1600 m to 2300 m. The center has 21 slopes, 7 Lang Lauf slopes, 5 connecting paths and 4 mini beginner slopes with a baby lift, total length of 36 km, starting from 1640m and reach up to 2260 m altitude. The individual length of slopes ranges from 300 m to 4 km, offering a variety of degrees of difficulty for all ski levels and for the adventure lovers there are many off-slope “black” runs with much of snow and a lot of adrenaline.

Winter Mountaineering


Cradle of one of the most important sanctuaries of the Greek antiquity and its most famous oracle was the land of Phocis and specifically the green valley of the river Pleistos. To the north, the valley is surrounded by the Mount Parnassus, while on the south it opens to the sea of the Corinthian Gulf. A landscape of untamed beauty and a crossroad of natural passages in the heart of mainland Greece, the land of Delphi meant much more for the ancient Greeks: According to the legend, Zeus let two eagles fly from the ends of the world to find the navel of the Earth. And the sacred birds met at Delphi.

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