Rock Empire Machki Crampons Review

My first pair of crampons where the Rock Empire Machki. At the beginning of my mountaineering adventures, I needed a basic still good pair of crampons. As always, I did an extensive research on which pair of crampons would fit my necessities and my budget too and at I ended up purchasing these pair.


This is a Twelve, steel-point, ice climbing crampons with a universal binding. They are suitable for trekking, climbing and ski alpine activities. The crampons come with two extra size bars for extending the size up to 48 EU. I have been using the Machki crampons together with the Verbera Lightpacker GTX boots from The North Face.

After extensive use of these crampons I can assure that are extremely stable, the teeth are sharp and durable enough. The materials used are Steel, PU (Polyurethane) & PA (Polyamide). The setting and fixation of the crampons is very easy too. The required length of the crampons can be set with the help of a flexible lock and a set plate. My only small concern is that after a long day of walking on snow/ice, the binding system and the nylon strap can be a bit difficult to “unlock”. Though, with a couple of twists, everything becomes easy.

Detail of the front part

A benefit of these pair of crampons is the relatively good antibott. These devices help keep snow from balling up your crampons.



I always use a transportation bag for my crampons. Though, I had to purchase the bag separately and this is a small minus.

Crampon Transportation Bag

ROCK EMPIRE started as an idea by two climbers, who were making harnesses and other climbing equipment from everyday materials like car seat belts and fire hoses in their garages. The demand for their equipment grew and the times and government changed enough that they were able to start a firm, Climbing, which quickly became Hudy Production, which is now known as ROCK EMPIRE. Bellow, an image from the offial manual of the  Rock Empire Machki crampons.


Bottom Line: For the beginner in the mountaineering activities but also the price vs value factor, I highly suggest these pair of crampons. If someone is looking for a more solid, professional pari, then I would go to the bigger brands such as Grivel, Black Diamond etc.


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