Agrafa Mountains Svoni Peak Expedition Preparation – Autumn 2017

Agrafa is a mountainous region in Evrytania and Karditsa regional units in mainland Greece, consisting mainly of small villages. It is the southernmost part of the Pindus range.  The Agrafa region is famous for its complete autonomy throughout the entire 400 years of Ottoman Turkish occupation of Greece. The word agrafa literally translates to unwritten which means unregistered or uncharted; because the Ottomans were unable to conquer this region, the area and its population were not recorded in the Sultan’s tax register. As a result the people were usually free to conduct their business and customs as they pleased without Ottoman influence.

Pouli and Svoni Peak 2.042 m. as seen from 5 Towers (5 Pyrgoi)

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Svoni (Pindos-Agrafa) is the highest mountain of East Agrafa range. It is located in the center of mountain range of Agraga villages. There are various paths that lead to the top of Svoni peak (2.042 m.), but our plan is to reach the top via the West-Ridge. Our starting point will be a village named Karoplesi (900 meters) and from there we will climb towards Papadimitri peak (1.930 m.). Once we will reach the Papadimitri peak, we will follow the west-ridge towards Pouli peak (1.846 m.). From there we will do the last push towards Svoni peak and once we will reach the top we will down climb to our end destination Petralona 900 m. (Saika). The estimated distance is about 19 km.

From Svoni peak, and weather permitting, one can see many different peaks of the Agrafa region and not only. Some of the peaks that can be easily seen are the following:

Weather Forecast

Days 0-3 Svoni Weather Summary: Drizzle on Sat afternoon followed by colder weather and a heavy fall of snow, heaviest during Sun morning. Freeze-thaw conditions (max 2°C on Sat morning, min -3°C on Mon afternoon). Winds increasing (light winds from the S on Sat afternoon, fresh winds from the WNW by Mon morning).

Days 3-6 Svoni Weather Summary: Mostly dry. Freeze-thaw conditions (max 4°C on Thu night, min 0°C on Tue morning). Wind will be generally light.

I hope the peaks we will visit will be covered with the beautiful winter white powder.

Weather Forecast

Route, Map and 3D illustration of the upcoming climb

The route we are going to follow is the following one:


Gear List for the upcoming climb

For this trip, I have created a list with all the items I plan to carry on me. Of course, last minute changes might take place in case weather conditions will change dramatically. This list include Item Name, Weight x Item, Total Weight and Remarks. My base weight will be approximately 8.9 kg, instead the estimated total weight will be about 12 kg (including food and water supplies). I might try to adjust some items and reduce the weight by a kilogram, but more than that I am afraid I will not be able. Based on the most updated weather forecast and in case of heavy snowfall the days before our ascent, I will decide if I will take the crampons and the ice axe for a more safe climb.

With overnight temperatures bellow freezing level, my sleeping gear for this trip will be the following:

Bellow an image with the Complete list I have created for the upcoming trip to Agrafa autumn expedition.


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4 thoughts on “Agrafa Mountains Svoni Peak Expedition Preparation – Autumn 2017

  1. Brian Outdoors

    I couldn’t help noticing how heavy your tent is. Will you be sleeping two people in it it on this trip? If not, you could get rid of a lot of weight here with a much lighter shelter. Have a great trip! Regards Brian


    1. Hi Brian, Indeed, this tent will be shared and two people will sleep in it.

      The lightest tent I own is the Hilleberg Akto (1 person – 4 seasons) tent, though is not considered as a lightweight shelter.

      Thanks for the wishes Brian. Hopefully I will take some nice photos and report the climb on this blog.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Brian Outdoors

        Ok, that makes sense. I’m quite jealous actually, it sounds great. Looking forward to your photos and trip report.


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