Cumulus Incredilite Endurance down jacket – Long Term Review

Winter is approaching and is time for a review of one of my favourite down jackets. This is an 850 cuin goose down jacket from a Polish brand named Cumulus. I have used this down jacket for 18+ months now on various occasions. From winter mountaineering activities, as insulation jacket while camping but also for daily use when temperatures drop down in my area.

Experience with Cumulus Products

Cumulus was established in 1989, immediately following the transformation of the Polish political structure. It was founded by Zdzislaw Wylężek, a Gdynia mountaineering enthusiast and former employee of the co-operative organization “Sail”, a state tourist equipment manufacturer, operating during the previous political era.

In the past I have reviewed one more product of Cumulus, the Cumulus Panyam 600 Hydrophobic Down Sleeping Bag. If you want to see this review, please click to the following link:

Cumulus Panyam 600 Hydrophobic Down – Review

My personal experience with the Cumulus brand is more than positive and this also includes the amazing lightweight down jacket Cumulus Incredilite Endurance. It uses Pertex Endurance on the outside, making the shell waterproof to a column of 1000mm. Pertex Quantum on the insideTalking about the inside, I would love to see the inside in Pertex Endurance, because it happened a couple of times when I wore the down jacket while being full of sweat and as expected the goose down lost its insulated property. I know the new Incredilite Endurance model is using Hydrophobic Down, but still, I think the whole jacket should have a better waterproof shell.

Pertex Quantum DWR fabric and filled with Polish 850 cuin white goose down. Designed in cooperation with the group of outdoor enthusiasts connected with from

Cumulus Incredilite Jacket manufactured in Poland



The narrow/slim fit, seals in heat around your body and creates immediate feeling of warmth. The design of the chambers where the goose down is placed do not disturb arm movement and the great fixed hood can accommodate a climbing helmet without limiting the sight angle. In addition, the hood has an elastic cord so the user can cinch it down if the wind is blowing.

The Cumulus Incredilite Endurance is piece of clothing that is a must in those countless outdoor activities like backpacking, trekking, mountaineering where being fast and moving light is crucial. Another great use of this jacket is for daily use in an urban environment during the cold winter months. The design is very nice and therefore, no one in an urban environment will think that you have just landed from the top of the Karakoram mountains.

This jacket has some lovely features such as the extended insulated (with goose down) hood which is big enough to fit above a helmet. This hood has also has elastic draw cord which can be regulated in order to achieve the perfect fit. Another cool feature is the elasticated cuffs and certainly the high collar which is helping a lot when the wind is blowing.

I have used this jacket for multiple purposes in the mountains and I have never felt any cold while wearing it. In fact, several times, I was very glad when I was taking out this jacket from my backpack and wearing it while belaying on some icy slope. In detail, amongst many ascent, I have used this jacket also to the following expeditions:

One specific time, I remember that I have used the Cumulus Incredilite Endurance as an extra insulation layer while sleeping during a very cold night on mount Taygetos. We had arranged to sleep on the ridge just bellow the peak of Profitis Elias and besides low temperatures (- 9C) we had a lot of windchill. Therefore, thanks to Cumulus Incredilite Endurance and to Cumulus Panyam 600I had a rather comfortable sleep.

Cumulus Incredilite Endurance front view
Cumulus Incredilite Endurance back view
Cumulus Incredilite Endurance side view
Elastic cuffs detail
Cumulus Incredilite Endurance Elastic waistband
Cumulus logo place on the bottom left rear side
Spacious hood that can accommodate a climbing helmet



The down used is from the highly-regarded Polish goose, which is considered the best in the world in terms of the fill power. These down feathers are one of the most important component of Cumulus’ products, because it determines the efficiency of the insulation and provides reliable comfort even in the most hostile conditions. It is this down which affects the quality of the products to the greatest extent.

Pertex Endurance

Waterproof fabric with a thin membrane. Its biggest advantage is the extremely high breathability, compared to a thick membrane. It is an ideal material when you require a higher resistance to condensing moisture without losing the smooth discharge of water vapour from the body to the outside. It is perfect as a top coat of down jackets and sleeping bags, greatly increasing their resistance to water.

Cumulus Incredilite with Pertex Endurance

YKK zippers

It is said that at the ISPO and Friedrichshafen trade fair, about 95% of the products are equipped with YKK zippers with very good reason: these are the most durable zippers.

YKK Zippers used on the Cumulus Incredilite Endurance down Jacket
Cumulus Incredilite Endurance XL weight including stuffsack is 360 gr.

Bottom Line:

This is one of the best items I have ever used and the price vs value ratio is phenomenal. I particularly like the way it fits on me this jacket and also all the insulated comfort it provides. Owning two different Cumulus products, I can only recommend this or the new version of the Incredilite Endurance jacket.


  • Outer fabric: Pertex Endurance, 36 g/m²
  • Inner fabric: Pertex Quantum, 35 g/m²
  • Filling: Polish goose down, 850 cuin
  • Construction: Stitched through
  • YKK zip with two self-locking sliders
  • Increased performance against humidity thanks to ultrathin membrane
  • 2 zipped handwarmer pockets
  • 1 zipped internal pocket
  • Regulated hood with elastic draw cord, big enough to fit a helmet inside
  • Elasitcated cuffs
  • High collar
  • Can be packed in the internal pocket


  • Total weight (Size XL): 360g
  • Down weight (Size XL): 145 g
  • Stuffsack’s dimensions (height/diameter): 16/13 cm
  • Stuffsack’s volume: 2,1 l

6 thoughts on “Cumulus Incredilite Endurance down jacket – Long Term Review

    1. Thanks for reading Brian.

      Indeed, the lighter version is a bit lighter and the design is very nice too!

      As you already have experience, with the Cumulus products you can not go wrong.

      Therefore, if you think you will be needing such a jacket, go for it.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Thanks for the review! What was missing was the size of the jacket – and your size for that part. I am really interested in these jackets, but really I’d love to know more about the actual size. If I am 174 cm tall (and I am), should I purchase S or M, that is. Thanks again!


    1. I am glad to know you liked the review and thanks for reading it.

      I will try to provide you some info regarding the sizing.

      I am 185 cm and 76 kg and I use size XL. This is because I mostly use the jacked on top of other layers and therefore is fitting pretty good.

      Prior of purchasing the jacket, I got in touch with Cumulus and I provided them my body measurements. They have replied to my email within the day telling me the best option is size XL.

      Therefore, I would highly suggest you to get in touch with Cumulus and provide them your body measurements and hopefully they will provide you the correct size for your needs.

      If you have any further questions, feel free to let me know.


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