Spring Training Ascent on Geraneia Mountains

Mount Geraneia is a mountain range in Corinthia and West Attica, Greece. Its highest point is the peak Makryplagi, elevation 1,351 m. It covers the northern part of the isthmus between the Gulf of Corinth and the Saronic Gulf. It spans 5–10 km from north to south and 30 km from east to west.

The geography of Geraneia includes forests in the south, the west and the northern part at an elevation of under 900 to 1,000 m. Barren land is in the central part. The grasslands and some bushes lies to the northwest. Farmlands and some barren land lies to the south.


The name of the mountain dates back to ancient times. During the Peloponnesian War, the Corinthians and their allies occupied the heights of Geraneia and marched to Megara with a large force.

The starting point of our ascent was the Osios Potapios Monastery which is located at 520 meters above sea level. The hiking path is actually starting from the monastery and is defined with yellow colour.


Signage color of the path: Yellow

The path from this route is relatively uncovered from trees, but the view towards the Peloponnese peninsula are beautiful. Also, from this part of Geraneia one can clearly see the town of Loutraki and the city of Corinth.


Due to the fact this route is relatively easy and not steep, we went off track and we went to climb that piece of rock (see photo bellow) which was between two parts of the yellow path.

Scrambling Rock


Last part before the highest peak


Symbol of the Geographical military department that was found on the peak column

After a small snack and some water, we decided to descent from the other side of Geraneia, which means our goal was to reach the village of Pissia. From the village of Pissia there are also other routes to the mountain.


Beautiful green landscape
Hiking path towards Pissia Village
First view of Pissia Village



Once we have reached the Village of Pissia we moved toward the sea side and in specific the sanctuary of Hera which is one of the nicest places of Greece to see the sunset.

Seaside next to Hera’s Sanctuary

After a long day on the mountain, is always wonderful to be able to see the sun setting down at sea side level. This is what makes hiking in Greece wonderful. Is possible to have mountain hikes and sea side activities in the same day.

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