Trachi Mountain Spring Ascent

For our weekly training session, we have decided to visit and try to ascent a relatively unknown mountain of Peloponnese peninsula, Mount Trachi. Trachi is in the boarders of the prefecture of Argolis and Arcadia. In the north part is connected with Mount Oligyrtos and in the southern part with Lyrkio Mountain.

Trachea Mountain view from Alea Village

The highest peak of Trachi is named “Karoubalo” and it is 1.808 meters above sea level. This mountain is not often climbed and therefore during our ascent we have not met any other hikers.

Our starting point was the village of Alea, 804 meters above sea level. we have followed the path that starts nearby the village. The first part of the route is within a pine tree forest and several beautiful flourished fields of flowers. At certain point we came across a water feature, though at this time of the year we did not find any water for refuel. Fortunately we were carrying enough water with us in order to summit and return to the village of Alea.

Clear and cleaned trail
Mount Trachi – Karoubalo Peak
Trail within the forest
Some signs of the trail

The route has some signs that indicate the correct direction of the path, though the signage is not always clear. This means, that this path is not fully maintained. After 1 hour and 15 minutes on the trail, we reached the alpine above the trees level and that was also our first view of the Karoubalo peak.

First view of Karoubalo Peak
Scathes Mountain view from Trachi

From the water featured we have found in the alpine level, we needed one more hour in order to reach the 1.808 meters peak. Views from that level were really beautiful.

Surrounding lower peaks
Last snow of the season
View from Trachi
Alea Village from the top

Finally, and after a very enjoyable day we have reached the summit of Mounta Trachi. Karoubalo Peak, 1.808 meters above sea level.

View from the Karoubalo Peak
View from Karoubalo Peak

Bellow a preview of the route from the village Alea towards the Karoubalo peak of Trachi mountain.


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