Mount Olympus Expedition Preparation – Fall 2016

Mount Olympus formed itself after the gods defeated the titans in the Titan War, and soon the palace was inhabited by the gods. It is the setting of many Greek mythical stories. Olympus was not shaken by winds nor ever wet with rain, nor did snow fall upon it, but the air is outspread clear and cloudless, and over it hovered a radiant whiteness.

Our previous ascent on the top of God’s Mountain took place in 2014 and it’s about time to visit again the highest and one of the most beautiful mountains of Greece. On our previous ascent, we took one of the most common routes -starting point Gortsia- but this time we are planning to ascent the north face of the mountain.


This time, end of September, we will start our route from refuge Krevatia which is located few kilometres northern than the village of Vrontous. Though in order to arrive to the refuge we will have to drive something like 600+ kilometres and we hope we can do it within 7 hours. Therefore, for this excursion we plan to depart on a Friday afternoon hoping we can reach the refuge before midnight where some of us will sleep in tents instead others might accommodate themselves in the warm and comfortable refuge.

Barbala Ridge

The trekking route towards the top of Olympus mountain will be the following:

  • Refuge Krevatia
  • Barbala Ridge
  • Refuge SEO
  • Mouson Plateau
  • Louki
  • Mytikas


Distance between Refuge Krevatia and Refuge SEO via Barbala Ridge is approximately 8.2 kilometres and we expect to achieve it within 5 hours and 30 minutes including break time. We will not be able to move very fast because we will have to carry our sleep system, cooking system but also extra litres of water due to the fact on high altitude and especially in autumn is almost impossible to find a source of water.

Route Planning on Map with Garmin BaseCamp

For this trip, I have created a list with all the items I plan to carry on me. Of course, last minute changes might take place in case weather conditions will change dramatically. This list include Item Name, Weight x Item, Total Weight and Remarks. The estimated total weight will be about 13 kg (including food and water supplies). I might try to adjust some items and reduce the weight by a kilogram, but more than that I am afraid I will not be able . Bellow an image with the Complete list I have created for the upcoming trip to Olympus.


Stay tuned for the upcoming posts and especially for a photo reportage from our upcoming expedition on the highest peak of Greece.

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