Training in Ermioni’s hills

During the previous days, we have visited Ermioni (Argolis). Ermioni in Greece is a small seaside town on the eastern coasts of Peloponnese, in the region of Argolis. Constructed on the hill slopes around a beautiful port, this town has revived over the last decades as many Athenians have holiday homes there. The traditional architecture and the natural beauty of Ermioni Greece attracts many families looking for peaceful vacations. The small port is connected by ferry to Piraeus and the islands of Hydra and Spetses.

Climbing Wall on Mount Didimo

Nearby Ermioni, there are two nice locations where we have designed to go for our routine training. In details we have trained on Mount Didimo and in a ravine/gorge called Katafyki.

Mount Didymo is a 3,321 ft / 1,110 m mountain peak near Ermióni, Argolis, Greece. Based on peakery data, it ranks as the 599th highest mountain in Greece. The nearest peaks are KoniOrtholithiProfitis Ilias GelpesiMavrovouniAdheres, and Sopos. We have started our training and ascent to the peak of Didimo from a location nearby Loukaiti (a small village) and from an altitude of 375 meters. It was a beautiful early morning and the sun was still rising up.

From here you can see the Island of Hydra (left) and Island of Dokos (centre)

The route we followed was North-East and the total distance we covered was 4.4 kilometres. The maximum elevation we have reached was 1.110 meters and the total ascent  was about 735 meters. All that was done in about 3 hours, including a generous break on the top of Mount Didimo to enjoy the view and a fresh brew of morning coffee.

Trail path we have followed

On this mountain, there are not many hikers and/or people ascending for training and therefore there is not really a clear trail path. We have to move on very steep rocky areas, between bushes and there was also a 10-12 meter climbing wall of 2nd or 3rd grade difficulty.

Once reached the top, we enjoyed the beautiful views towards the Ermionida, the rest of pelopennese, the Argosaronic Sea and various small Greek Islands.



From the peak of Mount Didimo one can clearly see the beautiful plateau of Didimo village. This village is famous for delicious potatoes, wine and tulips. Actually, there is Tulip Festival every year in Didimo village.



Didimo Plateau & Village

After enjoying a freshly brewed coffee and the view of Mount Didimo, we initiated our descent from a slightly different path. That path was very steep, but pretty much clear from bushes. It was just after 9.30 in the morning when we reached the location where we had parked the car and we soon moved to a nearby location with a beautiful small ravine.

This ravine is named “Katafyki” and we have continued our training.  The beautiful scenery consists of rocks, caves, lush vegetation, the small chapel of Aghios Nikolaos, which was built in 1740, and the church of Aghios Anargyri which has some picnic tables and a fresh water spring for passing travellers.

Bellow, a google earth image from the route we followed nearby Katafyki gorge/ravine.


In the coming days and weeks we will continue our almost daily training for getting ready our mind and body for our upcoming expedition to Mount Olympus, Greece.

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