Cumulus Panyam 600 Sleeping Bag Review

The whole past year, I was looking for a warm high quality down sleeping bag for 4-season mountaineering, hiking, backpacking, camping andother outdoor activities. I have been looking to all well established manufacturers such as Mountain Equipment, Feather Friends, Marmot, Rab, Montbell, Mountain Hardwear etc. I have been comparing various models and I was still searching for other manufacturers until the point I came across the Cumulus website. I have compared several of their models and I came to the conclusion that the Cumulus Panyam 600 was the right piece of gear for me.


After that, I compared the Cumulus Panyam 600 with other sleeping bags from the big outdoor companies and I came to the conclusion that on paper Cumulus was the best option. Cumulus manufactures their sleeping bags in Poland and I found the price / value ratio of their sleeping bags much better than of those other big outdoor brands.

After taking the decision to get the Panyam 600, I got in contact with Cumulus with a list of questions. Shortly after, Rafal from Cumulus replied in a very kind way answering to all my questions and providing me some help on some final details for the Panyam 600 and the Incredilite Endurance Jacket I wanted to order.

Finally, I purchased the Cumulus Panyam 600 with Hydrophobic Down. The Hydrophobic Down costed 60 euro more from the list price. Transaction was easily done via Paypal and within a week, I had the sleeping bag delivered in my home. That was an excellent customer service from Cumulus.

Hydrophobic Down 850+


Pertex Quantum. Lightweight, still durable.


The features of the Panyam 600 are the following:

  • Fabric: Pertex Quantum, 35 g/m²
  • Filling: Polish goose down, 850 cuin
  • Construction: Trapezoid chambers
  • Independently filled top and bottom of the sleeping bag
  • 175 cm YKK separating zip with two self-locking sliders
  • Can be opened and ventilated at the bottom of the sleeping bag
  • Can be combined with other sleeping bags
  • Full length, down-filled, zip insulating baffle
  • Independent down-filled collar
  • Three-dimensional, elastic adjustable hood fitted with stopper
  • Internal pocket
  • Additional, large mesh bag to store your sleeping bag at home 

My first feeling with the sleeping bag is more than good. It is lightweight and the construction seems to be solid. As soon as you take the sleeping bag, off the storage bag you can see how easy and fast lofts. All materials used are of high quality including the YKK zippers as well. I also like the “orange” shade of the sleeping bag, because on an unforeseen emergency, the sleeping bag could be used as an emergency signaling element.

One more great feature of the Panyam 600 is the down-filled collar and the way the hood of the sleeping “snugs” around the head of the user.


I have read some comments on the internet that the staff sack provided by cumulus is small, but personally I did not have any issues with staffing the bag in the sack.


ADVANTAGES OF CUMULUS Panyam 600 Sleeping Bag
Good quality (including high-quality down)
Good thermals
Thoughtful and practical style
Resistance to humidity
Weighs just 1 kg.
Small size after packing to transport bag
Price/Value ratio

FAULTS OF CUMULUS Panyam 600 Sleeping Bag
Occasionally jamming zipper but not often

Bottom Line: An incredible piece of gear, of high quality construction with extremely high quality goose down (850+). Is warm enough for most 4 season situations and small and light enough to be carried on a backpack. Customer support from Cumulus was fast, accurate and friendly.

Final Note: I will come back with a full review once I will be able to test it on real winter conditions

33 thoughts on “Cumulus Panyam 600 Sleeping Bag Review

  1. Kong Xieheng

    I am also considering this bag or alternatively the Teneqa 700. Looking forward to your long term review, especially in terms of the performance of the hydrophobic down in resisting water vapour condensation inside the bag.


  2. Hi and thanks for your message.

    I have been using the Cumulus Panyam 600 (Hydrophobic Down) since June and so far I am very satisfied. Though, at the moment I was only able to use it up to -3 C and not in lower temperatures, but hopefully in the coming months, weather will get colder and I will be be able to give it a real test.

    With regards the condensation, so far, never had a problem. The great thing with this sleeping bag is that it lofts within few seconds.

    Feel free to re-visit this blog or even subscribe because in the coming months I will give an updated review of this bag.


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  4. I have a Panyam 600 too. It really is a great bag. I’ve had it (accidentally) down to aprox. -19°C. I was cold, but when I got back home and saw how much the temperature had actually dropped during the night, I was surprised I hadn’t been colder. I’m super happy with my bag.


  5. @Småland Outdoor thank you for passing by and for your comment.
    It’s nice to know you also have and use the same sleeping bag and great t to know you have tested it down to -19°C!

    Personally, I have used it down to -8°C and I can say that i would expect it to keep me a bit warmer. This means, that during the night, actually early morning (around 4 a.m.) I had to use an extra layer (it was the Cumulus Incredilite down Jacket) to keep my self nice and comfortable.

    Of course, I have to take into account that I was sleeping on snow (in a tent and on a good sleeping pad), but still, I would expect that the Panyam 600 would have kept me comfortable all night long.

    Since I have used the Panyam 600 in many overnight trips, I will write an updated review as soon as possible.


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  15. I have a Lite Line 300 that I use for bikepacking. It also has hydrophobic down, pertex endurance on the ouside and 65:35 different ratio with more down on the upper side. I´ve slept in it this september in Iceland at -1ºC with just merino baselayer on me and socks. I love the sleeping bag and I also like the brand as well they help you as much as they can when buying, and you can personalize the sleeping bag as much as you can. 100% recomended

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      1. Thomas Ameel

        Hi Olympus Mountaineering,

        thanks a lot for your review.

        I am considering buying a Cumulus Panyam 600 hydrophobic down.

        Two questions:

        – I’ve read somewhere that it occasionally has a goose smell. Did you experience that?
        – Does it come with a small bag to compress it during hiking? And if so, is that a waterproof bag?

        Thanks a lot.



      2. Hi Thomas,

        Thank you for visiting the blog and for your comment.

        Answering to your questions, I have never had any weird goose (or other) smell from the sleeping bag. Perhaps that was happening in the past old models?

        It certainly comes with a compression bag, which in my opinion is very small and keeps the sleeping bag nice and tight. Though, in my opinion this bag should be a little bit bigger. This compression bag is NOT waterproof.

        I have this sleeping bag few years now and I have been very happy so far.

        Finally, I hope I was able to answer your questions and if you have any further questions, let me know.


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  28. Paulo


    Awesome review.
    Until now I’ve only had the cumulus dynamic zip, for summer, and really like their quality.
    I’ll now get the panyam 600 for winter, but I’m unsure about the hydrophobic down.
    I’ve checked a few threads and opinions are mixed, and there appears to be a few manufacturers, like mountain equipment and PHD, that actually don’t use hydrophobic down, stating that construction and a water resistant outer is more important.
    On your experience was the hydrophobic down an worth the extra 60€?



    1. Hi Paulo,

      I can not give you a clear answer on your question. Personally,I did not have a problem with this sleeping bag also if I have used it in very humid conditions.

      Also, I ve got this sleeping bag few years ago and perhaps now the hydrophobic technology is even better?

      Also, it very much depends what kind of use and under which conditions you will be using the sleeping bag mostly.

      If you have any additional questions, let me know.


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