Winter Climb in Vardousia Mountain

Vardousia is a mountain in northwestern Phocis and southwestern Phthiotis, Greece. Its highest peak, Korakas reaches 2,495 m (8,186 ft), making it the second-tallest summit in Central Greece after Giona. It is a southern extension of the Pindus mountains. It is divided into three main parts: Northern Vardousia, whose highest peak is Sinani at 2,059 metres (6,755 feet), the very steep Western Vardousia, whose highest peak is Soufles at 2,300 metres (7,500 feet), and Southern Vardousia, with the highest peak of Korakas. The whole range measures about 25 kilometres (16 miles) from north to south.

Last weekend, together with a group of friends we have been climbing towards the Korakas peak, starting from Athanasios Diakos village. The first part of the climb is more like trekking under beautiful trees and with wonderful views towards the Vardousia peaks.

After several hours we have arrived in the main refuge of the mountain (notice, there are two refuges) and we decided to set up our tents in the vicinity of the refuge. High winds where blowing and our task to set up camp was not that easy. Knowing our gear and having practised setting up our tents multiple times in the past, made it feasible for us to finally have our tents staked, our gear in the tent and we, to have rest.

Following morning, we got up fairly early while it was still dark. The whole group gathered around and with our headlamps we planned the climb towards the top of the Vardousia Mountain.

Boom 2016-06-29 at 20.30.13

While we were ascending, sun came up and warmed our bodies up while there were high winds. The view while climbing up to the Korakas peak was amazing. Conditions of the snow were good enough and we had an amazing climbing day. Bellow several photos of that day.


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