Multi-Pitch Climbing in Solomos – Pegasus 6a – 100 m.

Solomos (or Tsouba) is located south of Corinth, near the homonymous village of the prefecture of Corinthia.

The crag had begun to be created since 2005, but recently a wide maintenance and enrichment with new routes was carried out by the mountain guide Dimitris Titopoulos, following actions and support from the EOS of Corinth and the Municipality of Corinth.

Solomos crag

The crag is located in a quiet spot above the orchards with the olive trees, with beautiful views towards Akrocorinthos and the Corinthian Gulf. Akrocorinthos is a steep rocky hill that dominates the Corinth plain. It was the fortified citadel of ancient and medieval Corinth.

Solomos was discovered in 2005 as a climbing crag by K. Thomas who, along with A. Bosco, began to open the first two routes.

About Solomos Crag

The rock is mostly compact gray limestone of excellent quality, scattered by convenient small pockets. The routes are very well secured and are mainly aimed at young climbers.

Route ratings vary mainly around 5a-6b, but there are some more difficult routes, up to 7a. Protection bolts are generally dense, ideal for young climbers and climbing courses.

Climbing is mainly technical with a wide variety of movements. Routes that are referred to as trad (traditional) are not equipped with bolts and need wires and friends.

All names are clearly written at the base of the routes.

Sport Climbing Routes in Solomos crag
Sport Climbing Routes in Solomos crag

Pegasus 4 pitches – 6a – 100 m. (Πήγασος)

Pegasus is one of the few multi-pitch routes in Solomos. The maximum difficulty of this route  is 6a in a total of 100 meters climb, divided in 4 pitches. Pegasus, is a well bolted and well protected route with solid belays.

Pegasus was opened in 2018 by D. Titopoulos and S. Xanthakis and since then is one of the most visited multi-pitch routes of the Solomos Crag.

Pegasus – 6a – 4 pitches – 100 meters

Pitch 1 (20 m. | 5b+)

As soon we have reached the base of Pegasus, we got our climbing gear ready and we soon started climbing. The official rating for the first pitch is 5a+, but by no means is a 5a+ pitch. It is more demanding and therefore my personal rating of this pitch is 5b+.

Though, I have to say, that during the winter season, the route was full of greens and grass and therefore we were not able to use most of the holds.

Attention: The first belay is not very comfortable and therefore it is suggested to join Pitch 1 and Pitch 2 in order to reach the second belay which is a very comfortable ledge.

Pegasus (ΠΗΓΑΣΟΣ)
Brand New Mammut half ropes
Starting point of Pegasus
Mid section of Pitch 1
Almost at the belay of Pitch 1
First Belay

Pitch 2 (20 m. | 5b)

The second pitch is very pleasant and relatively easy (5b) pitch. Although we had to fight with all the vegetation that was growing through every large and/or tiny hole of the crag, we have enjoyed a lot this pitch.

The difficulty is even through out the entire pitch and the belay point is a large ledge where one can belay in a very comfortable position.

At the belay of Pitch 2
Surrounding view
Belaying the follower


At the belay
Enjoying the views
View towards corinth

Pitch 3 (30 m. | 5c+)

The third pitch is in my opinion the most difficult pitch and is a very tough and miserable 5c+. It moves up a dihedral with minimal holds and the climber needs to position the body in a good way in order to climb it up safely and without getting tired.

The difficulty of this pitch is continuous and there is not a single crux.

I can surely say, this is the hardest pitch of the entire route, although Pitch 4 is a 6a pitch. Once at the belay, again we can rest on a rather comfortable ledge.

First meters of Pitch 3


At the belay

Pitch 4 (25 m. | 6a)

Pitch 4 is the last pitch of Pegasus and it is rated 6a. Though, it is not the most difficult section of the climb. As described earlier, the third pitch is by far the hardest of Pegasus.

Pitch 4 is about 25 meters long (and not 30 as officially stated) and it starts on a very easy terrain up to the crux. The crux is 6a and it can be climbed with 2 dynamic moves. Once the crux is climbed, then the climb become very easy. Perhaps 4b or 4c up to the final belay point.

At the crux of Pitch 4
Having a good look at the crux
Final belay point

Return and Abseiling

Abseil on Pegasus is rather easy and straight forward. You have the following two options:

  • Abseil from R4 to R3 – R3 to R2 and R2 to the ground or
  • Abseil directly from R4 to R2 and from R2 to the ground

In order to abseil as stated here you need tow 60 meters half ropes.

Abseiling from R3 to R2
Abseiling from R3 to R2
Abseiling from R2 to the ground
Abseiling from R2 to the ground

Approach to the crag of Solomos

Access: From the Athens – Patras highway, exit to Ancient Corinth and follow the old national road Corinth – Argos to the south, heading to the village of Solomos (5 km away from the National Road). At 400m from the entrance to the village we meet a church on a branch of the road and there we turn right to move along the lines of the train.

After 600m, in a new junction, we turn left towards Ag. Paraskevi and continue on the same road until we reach the top of a hill with olive trees, where the field appears to our right. There, right from the road, among the olive trees, there is a clearing that offers plenty of space for many cars, although summer can be plowed. All in all, the distance from the entrance to the village is 3.5km.

Walk in: From the parking area, walking is required 5 minutes to the base of the routes.

Season: All year round. During winter time, is best to climb from early morning. During summer time is best to climb after 14.00.

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