Nordisk Mos Down Slipper Review

Winter mountaineering activities, are in the core of my outdoor activities and this means that many times I need to stay overnight on the mountain, either in a tent or in a mountain hut.

One of my favourite rituals after a long day of hiking or climbing a mountain, is to relax my feet. The most basic way, is to remove boots and replace the socks. Though, if you want to wander around the mountain hut, you need to have a second pair of shoes and/or a pair of slippers.

After an extensive research, I came to the conclusion that the Nordisk Mos Down slipper is the one that I wanted to have and use.

Nordisk Mos Down Slipper


Fit and Comfort

The Nordisk Mos Down Slipper is officially designed as a camping accessory but they also work fantastically well as a bit of opulent luxury around the ski chalet.

The Mos Down Slipper is made of the same, highly durable, 30 denier rip-stop fabric as Nordisk’s sleeping bags. Fill is sumptuous duck down and the lining is deliciously soft and fluffy. The sole is anti-slip and should prove to be as durable as the outer.

The Nordisk Mos Down Slippers are lightweight and warm down insulated slippers for use in mountain huts, in your tent or your camper van. After a freezing day with your feet squished into ski boots or kicking your crampons into bullet hard ice, there really is nothing better than warming your toes up in some cosy down shoes.

Duck down filled providing your feet with ultimate insulation. The shoes are light and extremely packable, making them a luxury you can afford to carry on multi-day trips and expeditions. The sole of the Mos shoes is constructed with an anti-slip pattern making it ideal for use on hut floors. Elastic around the tops seals heat into your feet. The shoes also come with a carry bag for easy storage and transportation.

Nordisk Mos Down Slipper
Nordisk Mos Down Slipper Side View
Nordisk Mos Down Slipper Sole
Nordisk Mos Down Slipper Logo Detail
Nordisk Mos Down Slipper Logo Detail


is constructed with an anti-slip pattern making it ideal for use on hut floors and for in-house use. Though, I do not recommend to use these slippers for a walk in the campsite.


Carry Bag

The handy carry bag adds that touch of class that further sets these slippers apart from your average pair. The fact that they’re light and compress down to virtually nothing means that is very easy to carry the slippers on the mountains.

The carry bag is partly in black mesh and closes down with a side zipper. In addition, there is a small hook in order to secure them inside the backpack.

Nordisk Mos Down Slipper carry bag
Nordisk Mos Down Slipper carry bag
Nordisk Mos Down Slipper carry bag hook
Nordisk Mos Down Slipper carry bag
Nordisk Mos Down Slipper carry bag

The story behind the name

Mos means moss and are small, soft plants, which often grow close together in clumps or mats in damp or shady locations, where they harvest sunlight to create food through photosynthesis. Mosses are simple plants without flowers and therefore no fruits, cones or seeds, as they don’t have any internal water-bearing vessels or veins. There are approximately 12,000 species of moss.


  • Packable
  • Ultra soft lining
  • Very soft down
  • Elastic drawcord
  • Very compressible
  • Anti-slip sole
  • Integrated roll-up pack sack
  • Very durable materials
  • Multi-use carry bag
  • Several colours available

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