Hiking in South Pindos – Lakmos Mountain Pt.02 | Verliga Alpine Lake – Megas Trapos – Baros – Kallarites

The second day of Lakmos (Peristeri) mountain crossing started rather early. I woke up at 5:45 in order to prepare breakfast and break down the campsite. The early morning sky was beautiful and the water of the alpine lake Verliga peaceful. My breakfast was rather simple (oatmeal with dried fruits) but very enjoyable in such a magical landscape.

On the previous day, we have covered around 10 kilometres of distance and rather good elevation gain, instead the second day, we had to cover a distance of about 12 kilometres.

Waking up in alpine lake Verliga

As soon the entire team was ready, we have started our ascent towards the first high peak of the day, Megas Trapos. Megas Trapos is located just above Verliga lake and its highest point is at 2.240 meters above sea level. It is a beautiful peak with several couloirs and gullies that can be climbed during winter time.


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While we were hiking up towards Megas Trapos, we came across another icy snow slope and therefore we had to be careful in order to climb it. Having heavy backpacks (with all the gear) might not be that easy to climb up an icy slope, but the entire team performed great.

Once we have reached the peak of Megas Trapos (2.240 m), we were able to see the entire ridge of Lakmos mountain that we were about to hike. In detail, we could see the following peaks:

  • Unnamed peak 2.190 m.
  • Plaka peak 2.140 m.
  • Salatoura peak 2.140 m.
  • Souflomitis peak 2.010 m.
  • Baros peak 2.060 m.
  • Kalogeros peak 2.106 m.

Megas Trapos with the first morning sun beams
Hiking up towards Megas Trapos peak
Icy Slope
Verliga area as seen from above
Almost at the top of Megas Trapos
Megas Trapos peak

Having reached Megas Trapos, we did not loose any time at all, because we had to follow the entire ridge line towards the south and specifically towards our final destination of Kallarites village.

The weather forecast, if accurate, was giving thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening and therefore we had to move rather fast on this long ridge line.

From the ridge line we were able to identify various other peaks such as:

  • Tsouma Plastari 2.191 m.
  • Katarachia 2.280 m.
  • Kagelia with three peaks 2.191 m. , 2.296 m., 2.300 m.
  • Kakarditsa 2.429 m.

Verliga lake as seen from Megas Trapos
South-North Ridge of Lakmos mountain
North-South Ridge of Lakmos mountain


Megas Trapos peak (Left) & Tsoukarela peak (right)


Almost at Plaka peak
Plaka peak. In the far end one can see Megas Trapos peak (left) & Tsoukarela peak (right)


Ridge line we had to hike


Moving on
On the ridge line


Kalogeros peak


Kalogeros peak
Rocky ridge line
Tsoumerka mountain as seen from Lakmos mountain

Kalarites Village

We have been hiking for 2 days and about 22 km since the moment we have left Anthochori village, and we have finally reached our final destination point, Kalarites.

Kalarites is a beautiful and picturesque mountainous village of South Pindos and Tzoumerka. Stone houses are built according to the traditional Epirotic architecture in a magical location under gorgeous imposing mountains. It has been famous from the period of the Othoman domination for the incomparable art of its silversmiths.

In the village you will find shops that sell samples of this insuperable art, pieces that are genuine works of art. It is worth visiting not only in order to see and admire the village itself, but also not to miss the magical route you will follow until you get there passing by the impressive monastery of Kipina.

It was on that village where we set up our tents and had another great night in the outdoors.

Sierra Designs Lightning II tent
Sierra Designs Lightning II tent

Gear & Equipment

For this trip, I was carrying the following main gear:

Details of the Hike:

  • Location: Lakmos (Peristeri) Mountain
  • Starting Point: Anthochori village
  • Ending Point: Kallarites village
  • Trail Signs: Partly signed path
  • Minimum Elevation: 1.060 m
  • Maximum Elevation: 2.295 m.
  • Total Distance: 22 km
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • When to Hike: Any time of the year (during winter time winter mountaineering gear is needed)
  • Water Features: three

Bellow you can see the route we have followed on a map and on 3D:


Don’t forget to check our the first part of this hiking trip on the link bellow:

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