Agrafa Mountains – Five Towers ascent

Agrafa is a mountainous region in Evrytania and Karditsa regional units in mainland Greece, consisting mainly of small villages. It is the southernmost part of the Pindus range.  The Agrafa region is famous for its complete autonomy throughout the entire 400 years of Ottoman Turkish occupation of Greece. The word agrafa literally translates to unwritten which means unregistered or uncharted; because the Ottomans were unable to conquer this region, the area and its population were not recorded in the Sultan’s tax register. As a result the people were usually free to conduct their business and customs as they pleased without Ottoman influence.

Beginning of the trail

The fiercely independent spirit of its people, known as Agrafiotes, is matched by a harsh and forbidding landscape. The central Agrafiotis River valley is surrounded on three sides by a steep 2,000-metre wall of mountains, and on its south side the river drains via a series of narrow and often impassable gorges into the man-made Lake Kremasta. The other great river of Agrafa, Tavropos (aka Megdovas), feeds two man-made lakes: Plastiras and Kremasta.

Our ascent started around 14.30 from the central square of a village called Anthiro. There is a clear trail within a beautiful forest full of trees, flowers and wildlife. Actually, in this part of Greece is rather common to come across wolfs, foxes, deers and even bears.

Good trail towards the peak of five towers
View of another Agrafa Mountain peak
Delidimi Peak
Turtle egg shells
Clear view of Delidimi peak
Reaching the ridge of five Towers
Almost at the shoulder
View from the shoulder
Surrounding peaks


View towards Plastira Lake
Five Towers Ridge
1st Tower peak
Lake Plastira
South-west ridge
Between 1st and 2nd Tower
One more Plastira lake view
At the top of the 2n Tower
At the top of the 3rd Tower

Due to weather conditions we had to abort the ascent to the final two towers. The last tower needs to be climbed and for the reason we were surrounded by thunderstorm clouds we have decided to descent safely back to Anthiro Village.

Hiking towards Anthiro
Hilleberg Akto Tent
Hilleberg Akto Tent

At around 21.00 we reached our camp site where we had the time to prepare our dinner meal, chit-chat and to have rest for the following’s day long trekking in Voutsikaki peak of Agrafa Mountain.

My sleeping equipment for this trip was the following:

Bellow the trail we have followed for the peak of Five Towers and the elevation profile.


8 thoughts on “Agrafa Mountains – Five Towers ascent

  1. Great trip report. I’m used to Aegina and Athens in the summer so this gives me a whole new perspective on the nature in Greece. What kind of equipment do you use on trips like these? Is it regular hiking equipment or do you also bring climbing gear (like harnesses, ropes, carabiners etc)?


    1. Glad you liked the report.

      With regards the kind of equipment it can vary a lot depending not only the mountain range you will choose to hike to, but also the route on that specific mountain.

      The most famous trails in Greece are easily accessible with just normal equipment and pretty much everyone can climb to those peaks.

      On some specific routes you will also need climbing gear (harness,rope, nuts etc) for safety reasons.

      Aegina and the mountains around Athens have easy routes and indeed you do not need any climbing equipment, unless you choose to climb up one of the many climbing boulders around Athens.

      Instead, for winter mountaineering Preeti much on all high peaks of Greece you will need to carry some more technical equipment.

      If you would like to know something more, feel free to let me know.


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