Quechua TECHFRESH 50 Men’s Hiking T-Shirt Review

Quechua is a sub-brand of the Decathlon brand. Is perhaps one of the most successful -not High-End- brand in the hiking world. I personally own several Quechua products such as trousers (review will follow up in the future), day backpacks, small backpacks, sweaters and T-Shirts etc. One of my favourite items is the TechFresh 50 T-Shirt.
Quechua TechFresh 50 colour options

 This is a very comfortable, velvet feeling T-Shirt that performs great. The fabric absorbs and wicks away moisture to the outside of the fabric and this is wonderful during training and/or hiking activities. The small weight and reduced packed size makes it my choice number one when I have to hike during late spring, summer and early autumn. I always wear one and carry another one and due to the quick drying, I can wash it easily in the evening and being able to wear the day after.

Velvet feeling fabric close up
The mesh inserts under the arm make that part of the T-shirt stretchable but also reduce the eventual bad odours if any.
Under arm Mesh detail
Mesh material detail
Furthermore, Quechua designed the TechFresh 50 in various beautiful colours, so you can make nice clothing combinations if you want to look smarter in the mountains. My only minor issue is the sizing. I usually wear Large size, though the cut on this T-Shirt the Large size is quite tight on my body. Therefore, the X-Large size had a looser fit and feels great.
Colour options. Orange & Blue
Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Yoke : 77.0% Polyamide (PA), Yoke : 23.0% Elastane
Sizing and fit information
This T-shirt has a slightly fitted sports cut for enhanced moisture transfer to the outside of the fabric. Select your usual size or one size larger if you prefer a looser fit.
Perspiration wicking
Synthetic fabric (100% polyester) guarantees good respiration wicking to the outside of the fabric (4 out of 5 stars according to the standardised laboratory test), which stops perspiration remaining on the skin surface.
Quick drying
Drying time measures a fabric’s capacity for drying quickly after being wet, according to a standardised protocol.
Odour control
Product that reduces odours thanks to the composition of mesh inserts under the arms (77% polyamide, 23% elastane).
Logo detail
Bottom Line
The TechFresh 50 T-Shirt, is highly recommended, comfortable, quick drying T-Shirt to be used from late spring till beginning of Autumn. Is perhaps my most used piece of cloth during hiking, climbing and even training. With such a low price (bellow 5 euro), I would recommend that someone should be more than one pieces. Though if you do not like to have a “slim fit”, buy one size larger.

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