Training ascent in Ortholithi mountain

An early Sunday morning of mid May was the perfect call for climbing once again the Ortholithi mountain. Previously we had ascent this same mountain on early spring and we had done it from a different route.

Starting point. Chores Village

Ortholithi Mountain is situated in the prefecture of Greece, Argolis. One part of the mountain is in Argolis and the North face is in Troizinia. The highest Peak of Ortholithi is 1.105 meters above sea level. From the top of the mountain the view of the sea side is breathtaking and you can easily see the capital of Greece, Athens.

There is not a clear path towards the peak of the mountain but one of the possible routes starts from the village Choriza. From there, you get an initial south direction and via the goats path we come closer to the rocks. From that point and on we start scrambling on the rocks and while we go higher the scramble become more difficult and it almost becomes a real climb.


Rock face we have climbed
View from higher level



45 minutes since the start of our ascent we have reached a point of the goats. A herd of wild goats was watching us from above. Beautiful animals and much better climbers than us. After our meet & greet with the goats we moved upwards towards the end of the climbing part.

Goats watching us from above
Scrambling rock
Almost at the top
Beautiful view from above

Once we have climbed that rock face then we just had to hike for about 700 meters to the highest peak of Mount Ortholithi. Bellow the photos from the peak.

Highest point of Ortholithi Mountain
church bell at the top
View from the top

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