Mount Kyllini (Ziria) Spring Ascent with Snow

It was end of November when we last visited the peak of Mount Kyllini (Ziria). That was our first winter mountaineering ascent for the 2016-1027 season. Now, end of April, and following up our ascent to Doussias peak of the so called “small” Mount Ziria, we decided to reach the second higher peak of Peloponnese.


This mountain rises to 2,376 m (7,795 ft) above sea level, making it the second highest point on the peninsula. It is located near the border between the historic regions of Arcadia and Achaea—in the northeast of Arcadia, and entirely within modern Corinthia.

The nearest mountain ranges are Oligyrtos to the south and Chelmos/Aroania to the west. Roads pass near the southern and western slopes, but there are not many on the mountain itself, as much of the mountain is part of a park. The municipal boundary of Stymfalia–Feneos–Evrostini and Xylokastro passes through the mountain.

There is still snow on the mountain

We started our ascent from the Ziria Ski Centre and we followed the well signed trail. At certain point, and in order to make things a bit more interesting we left the signed trail and we climbed via couloir that brought us to the alpine plateau just bellow the peak.

While we were climbing the couloir we found another group of climbers and it was nice that we all knew each other. This other team, was practicing various techniques for their upcoming trip to Mont Blanc.

Entering the couloir
In the mid section of the couloir
End section of the couloir


Having reached the alpine plateau sound and safe, we had a small break in order to remove our crampons and continue our climb towards the top of Mount Kyllini. We have reached the top in about 2 hours from our starting point and that was quite fast.

Alpine plateau
Moving towards the top while having in our back “small” Mount Kyllini
First view of the Peak
Mount Kyllini peak
View from the top. On the left and between the clouds we see Mount Dourdouvana, in the middle we see Lake Doxa and on the right between the clouds Aroania Mountain (Chelmos)
View from the top. On the left with bit of snow Mount Oligyrtos.

On the top of Mount Kyllini, we celebrated our last “winter” ascent, which means the last ascent with snow for the season of 2016-2017. Now, we have to wait for the new upcoming season, most probably at the end of November 2017. After our short celebration, together with the other group of climbers, we had a speed descent of just 40 minutes. Conditions of the snow were great and we were high in spirit and energy levels.


From now on, we will continue visiting mountains, but we will also be experimenting with rock climbing, canyoning and long through hikes.

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