Massdrop Klymit Static V Insulated Ultra Light Pad – Review

Klymit has introduced a ultralight variant to its Static V line of sleeping pads, co-designed and sold exclusively by MassDrop, called the Insulated Static V Ultra Light. With an R-value of 4.4, it’s an excellent pad to use for sleeping on cold ground in spring and autumn and winter time for more mild environments.

If you’re not familiar with MassDrop, they’re an online community that sell products to its members by buying up large lots at wholesale prices and offering a portion of the savings back with discount prices. They host a number of purchasing communities, one of them Ultralight Backpacking, and have started working with manufacturers to create new products, unavailable through retail, that cater to their communities’ needs. The Insulated Static V Ultra Light sleeping pad is a good example of a product that MassDrop contracted Klymit to build so it could offer it exclusively to its Ultralight Backpacking customers.
Top View Packed Sleeping Pad
469 gr. including stuff sack and patch kit
Sleeping pad patch kit

Priced at 60 USD + 10 USD shipping costs is a great product to have. Is using high quality 20D nylon with 60g/m2 synthetic insulation. The total length is 182 cm, but if you are a bit taller like me (185 cm) you will not have any issue with sleeping. Width of the sleeping pad is 51 cm and is on the limit for a comfortable sleep.


deflated sleeping pad

Inflation and Deflation

Klymit and Massdrop claim you can inflate the sleeping pad with 8 breaths, though, personally, I have never managed to do so. I usually need up to 10 breaths to have the sleeping pad fully inflated. Of course, from 8 to 10 breaths is not a major problem, but the main issue is that you can not inflate the sleeping pad by using any stuff sack. This means in winter conditions, by inflating via your breath, there might condensation within the sleeping pad. Personally, I have never experienced any issue.


On the other side, deflating this sleeping pad can take a bit longer. A minor issue I have had with this sleeping pad was the time consuming deflation. If you are in a hurry to collect all your camp gear, then, you have to keep in mind that the deflation process takes a while.


Bottom view inflated sleeping pad (black colour)

Comfort and Insulation

The surface of the Klymit V Static Insulated UL sleeping pad is comfortable to sleep against with bare skin, although for cold weather use you’ll always be using base layers. The pad is also very quite quiet without the crinkly sound you find on some of Therm-a-Rest’s NeoAir sleeping pads.

I have tested this sleeping pad in combination with the Cumulus Panyam 600 Hydrophobic Down sleeping bag down to around -9 C on top of snow and within a Hilleberg Akto tent. I have to say that I thought it would keep me warmer during the whole night but perhaps I was not properly layered?

I am a side sleeper and I found it very comfortable and although I thought my hips would bottom out to the ground, this never happened and therefore I am very satisfied. The V shape air channels, help the sleeper to have a comfortable night. If I would have had the chance to add something for the comfort of this sleeping pad, would be that instead of 51 cm of width, I would make it 55 cm. Of course, I am very happy with the small packed dimensions that has, which is very easy to transport when backpacking.


Side profile
Logo printed detail
V shape air chambers


Overall this sleeping pad has been a great addition to my gear. The fact that it is lightweight and easily packs into small places comes at no sacrifice to nightly comfort. And for the price of $60, this mat goes above and beyond in comparison to competitors of similar weight, material, and size.

Specs: Massdrop x Klymit Static V Insulated Ultra Light

  • Fabric: 20D nylon
  • Color: Stealth green (top), dark charcoal (bottom)
  • Insulation: 60 g/m2 synthetic
  • R-value: 4.4
  • Inflation: 8-12 breaths
  • Dimensions, inflated: (182 x 51 x 6 cm)
  • Dimensions, packed: (20 x 10 cm)
  • Weight, pad: (479 g)
  • Weight, stuff sack: (15 g)


  • Stuff sack
  • Patch kit
  • Klymit’s lifetime warranty
  • All products are designed in Utah, USA

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