Summer in Geraneia Mountains

Mount Geraneia is a mountain range in Corinthia and West Attica, Greece. Its highest point is the peak Makryplagi, elevation 1,351 m. It covers the northern part of the isthmus between the Gulf of Corinth and the Saronic Gulf. It spans 5–10 km from north to south and 30 km from east to west.

The geography of Geraneia includes forests in the south, the west and the northern part at an elevation of under 900 to 1,000 m. Barren land is in the central part. The grasslands and some bushes lies to the northwest. Farmlands and some barren land lies to the south.

Starting Point from Pisia Village

The name of the mountain dates back to ancient times. During the Peloponnesian War, the Corinthians and their allies occupied the heights of Geraneia and marched to Megara with a large force.

The starting point of our second ascent was Pisia Village (see first ascent here). We parked the car in the central square of the village and we followed the road towards the “Platanos” tavern. Just before “Platanos”, there is a sign from where the path initiates.

The path is well signed (Black with Yellow) and pretty much clean from branches big stones etc. The first part of the path is within the trees. It is quite steep and requires good a well trained body.

Sunrise while ascending

About 25 minutes after, we reached a location where a beautiful rock was overlooking Pisia village and the surrounding area. We had a small break for photos and to enjoy the scenery from the top of that rock.

Moving forward towards the top of the mountain the terrain is nice and easy to walk and not very steep. This means, that the part the requires good cardio conditions is the first part of the route and the first 20-25 minutes. The scenery is changing a bit, from the trees we move towards the bushes.

Moving towards the top of Geraneia Mountains

45 minutes after our starting point we reached the peak of Geraneia Mountains and in detail we reached an elevation of 1,351 m. From the top of the mountain, the view is stunning and someone can clearly see the canal of Corinth, Corinth, the Corinthian gulf, the Saronic sea, the baths of Helen and many other locations and nearby mountains.

On the top we enjoyed the views and a fresh brew of Sideritis tea (Mountain tea, Sheppard’s tea). While there is a “round” route that passes by some other peaks of Geraneia mountain, we have decided to descent from the same path that we came to the top. We have reached Pisia village within 30 minutes and from there we moved to Perachora where we had a great lunch in a local tavern called “Vasilis”. Quality of the food was superb and the “zigouri” meat was excellent.

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