Cumulus Incredilite Endurance Hydrophobic down jacket Review

Winter season is over quite some time now, though I have decided to purchase a new jacket for the upcoming winter mountaineering season here in Greece, but also for my upcoming travels in other countries. Once again, I have been searching for the best possible option in order to fulfil my needs and personal taste. My research included also the major outdoor brands such as Mountain Hardwear, Marmot, The North Face, Rab, Mountain Equipment, Montbell etc., though once again I have ended up buying one more product from the upcoming Polish brand, Cumulus.

Cumulus Incredilite Endurance Hydrophobic Down Side view

Why did I choose the Cumulus Incredilite Endurance Hydrophobic down Jacket?

Prior of buying a new mountaineering jacket, I had to do an extensive research and answer to the following questions:

  1. Down or Synthetic?
  2. How warm should the jacket be?
  3. Price of the jacket
  4. Trust of the brand

1. Down or Synthetic?

Insulated jackets today differ not only in type and amount of insulation, but also in water resistance, breathability, and as always, design features like the hood and pockets. When choosing between down and synthetic models, I had to consider the usual conditions and temperatures in which I would be using the jacket. Due to the fact I need a mountaineering jacket that can be packed down as small as possible and to be light as possible, I took the decision to go for the more expensive option of goose down material. In addition, the new Cumulus Incredilite Endurance is manufactured with specially treated down that becomes hydrophobic.

2. How warm should the jacket be?

An insulated jacket’s total weight offers a rough idea of how warm it is. But that’s certainly not precise. Warmth (and weight) will vary with factors like type, quality, and amount of insulation, the jacket’s construction, and whether it has a hood or not. I would be using this jacket mainly for winter mountaineering trips while in camp and/or during belay. Having a hood certainly keeps you warmer and is worth the additional weight and cost and therefore, my new jacket should have a hood. The new Cumulus Incredilite Endurance has a lovely hood that is fully adjustable and I can also use it above a helmet.

3. Price of the jacket

Obviously, besides the type of jacket, warm factor and quality of the product, one more important aspect prior of purchasing a product is the price. The new Cumulus Incredilite Endurance with Hydrophobic down costs 219 euro and i believe is an excellent price for such a high quality product.

4. Trust of the brand

Cumulus was established in 1989, immediately following the transformation of the Polish political structure. It was founded by Zdzislaw Wylężek, a Gdynia mountaineering enthusiast and former employee of the co-operative organization “Sail”, a state tourist equipment manufacturer, operating during the previous political era. I have been using several Cumulus products for some time now and their customer service has always been very good and their products of excellent quality.

Feel free to read more reviews of Cumulus products here:

Cumulus Incredilite Endurance Hydrophobic Down front view

Cumulus Incredilite Endurance Hydrophobic Down Side View
Cumulus Incredilite Endurance Hydrophobic Down Back View


The new Cumulus Incredilite Endurance Hydrophobic down jacket combines interesting design with the best available solutions in the outdoor clothing market. The hydrophobic down and super-light Pertex Quantum Pro (f.k.a. Pertex Endurance) fabric provide high resistance to moisture, even under prolonged exposure. The jacket uses a very light material, meaning it only weighs 315 g (L size). The remarkable chamber design for the down and the compelling colours ensure its wearability, even in urban environments.

The design of the chambers, for the chest and back, are in “V” shape instead of the traditional horizontal chambers that the previous model used. In fact, this new chamber design gives to the jacket a more “aggressive” look and fits very good to the one that wears it. From the other side, due to the more “aggressive” look, in an urban environment it will attract more attention. This also is due to the different colour that is used for the zipper and pocket zippers. While the previous model had simple black zippers, the new Cumulus Incredilite Endurance is a combination of Black fabric and dark shade of red zipper. I would have prefered if the zippers would be in simple black colour, but the combination is not bad.

What I particularly like about this new design is the zipped external chest pocket because it is far more functional compared to the internal chest pocket that was the case on the previous Incredilite Endurance model. This external chest pocket is very easy to be accessed and therefore is very easy to store or pick items from the pocket. In this way, there is no need to unzip the entire front of the jacket.

Talking about design, a small comment I would like to do, is that in the future I would have liked to see a more consistent image across the whole Cumulus product range. By that, I mean, that I would have liked if the Cumulus Minilite and the Cumulus Incredilite Endurance would be using same colour palette for the zippers. Instead, now the Minilite is using a shade of cyan and the Incredilite Endurance a shade of dark red.

Cumulus Incredilite Endurance Hydrophobic Down Front view close up
Cumulus Incredilite Endurance Hydrophobic Down chest pocket detail
Cumulus Incredilite Endurance Hydrophobic Down bottom



The narrow/slim fit, seals in heat around your body and creates immediate feeling of warmth. The design of the chambers where the goose down is placed do not disturb arm movement and the great fixed hood can accommodate a climbing helmet without limiting the sight angle. In addition, the hood has an elastic cord so the user can cinch it down if the wind is blowing.

The Cumulus Incredilite Endurance is piece of clothing that is a must in those countless outdoor activities like backpacking, trekking, mountaineering where being fast and moving light is crucial. Another great use of this jacket is for daily use in an urban environment during the cold winter months.

Cumulus offers this jacket in 3 different colours: Black, Blue and Green and in 4 different sizes: S – XXL. Talking about sizing, I am 185 cm long and 74 kg and the L size fits me very well.

Size chart Incredilite Endurance 2016
Size table for Cumulus Incredilite Endurance

This jacket has some lovely features such as the extended insulated (with goose down) hood which is big enough to fit above a helmet. This hood has also has elastic draw cord which can be regulated in order to achieve the perfect fit. Another cool feature is the elasticated cuffs and certainly the high collar which is helping a lot when the wind is blowing.



Materials used

Hydrophobic Down

The down used is from the highly-regarded Polish goose, which is considered the best in the world in terms of the fill power. These down feathers are one of the most important component of Cumulus’ products, because it determines the efficiency of the insulation and provides reliable comfort even in the most hostile conditions. It is this down which affects the quality of the products to the greatest extent.

Pertex Quantum

It connects us what is most important: low weight, strong durability and high breathability. Extremely soft and pleasant to touch, and of a surprising strength: we do not get literally any complaints related to the sustainability of Quantum, which we use for over 10 years.

– Very low weight: 27 or 35 g/m² (using two varieties)
– Excellent breathability
– Full DWR coating
– Downproof
– Windproof

Pertex Quantum Pro (Pertex Endurance)

Waterproof fabric with a thin membrane. Its biggest advantage is the extremely high breathability, compared to a thick membrane. It is an ideal material when you require a higher resistance to condensing moisture without losing the smooth discharge of water vapor from the body to the outside. It is perfect as a top coat of down jackets and sleeping bags, greatly increasing their resistance to water.

– Very low weight: 36 or 44 g/m² (using two varieties)
– A thin membrane with a weight of approximately 1 g / m²
– Full DWR coating
– Water resistance of 1000 mm
– High breathability compared to thick membranes
– Downproof
– Windproof

YKK zippers

It is said that at the ISPO and Friedrichshafen trade fair, about 95% of the products are equipped with YKK zippers with very good reason: these are the most durable zippers.

Pertex Endurance
YKK Zipper
Zipper Detail

Bottom Line:

The Incredilite Endurance with Hydrophobic Down by Cumulus is without doubt a great jacket the price vs value ratio is phenomenal. I particularly like the way it fits on me this jacket and also all the insulated comfort it provides. Owning also the previous model I can clearly see many new features and enhancements, though, If one already has another similar jacket, I do not see the reason for an upgrade. Having said that, if one wants to replace an old down jacket, the Incredilite Endurance with Hydrophobic Down is perhaps one of the best options that are available in the market.


  • Outer fabric: Pertex Quantum Pro, 29 g/m²
  • Inner fabric: Pertex Quantum, 30 g/m²
  • Filling: Polish hydrophobic goose down, 850+ cuin
  • Construction: Stitched through
  • YKK zip with two self-locking sliders
  • Increased performance against humidity thanks to ultra-thin membrane
  • 2 zipped hand-warmer pockets
  • 1 zipped external pocket
  • Regulated hood with elastic draw cord, big enough to fit a helmet inside
  • Elasitcated cuffs
  • High chin guard
  • Can be packed in the external pocket


  • Total weight (size L): 315 g
  • Down weight (size L): 120 g
  • Stuffsack’s dimensions (height/diameter): 16/13 cm
  • Stuffsack’s volume: 2,1 l

Feel free to read more reviews of Cumulus products here:


16 thoughts on “Cumulus Incredilite Endurance Hydrophobic down jacket Review

  1. Brian Outdoors

    I just love mine. I purchased the blue one. I’ve had it since November last year and used it all through the winter. No complaints here. I must of received 5g more of down in mine; it weighs in at 320g & it is also size L. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks for reading and good to know you have no complaints so far for this jacket.

      About the weight, what I have noticed is that either has less down or this hydrophobic down is less “puffy” compared to the previous version of Incredilite Endurance.

      Liked by 1 person

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  9. Giannis

    Καλησπέρα,βλέπω ότι έχουν περάσει 2 χρόνια αλλά μήπως θυμάσαι και σε τι θερμοκρασίες το δοκίμασες?Αν και τώρα το βγάζουν με περισσότερη γέμιση στα 140γραμμαρια.


    1. Το έχω δοκιμάσει σε αρκετά χαμηλές θερμοκρασίες που είχε παράλληλα και αέρα (-13 με -16). Με τα 20 γραμμάρια περισσότερα πούπουλα, σίγουρα θα είναι λίγο πιο ζεστό. Γενικά, η σχέση ποιότητα/τιμή, είναι πολύ καλή.


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