Fjällräven Silhuett p5 Baby Sleeping Bag – Review

This is a review that I wanted quite some time now to do, but by not being the real user of the product I was not sure how I could review it. Now, that the owner and user of this product can communicate easy and clear with us, I was also able to write about the Fjällräven Silhuett P5 Baby Sleeping Bag.

Fjallraven Silhuett P5 Baby Sleeping bag

About Fjällräven

First of all, few words for the renowned Swedish brand, Fjällräven.

Fjällräven (Swedish for Arctic fox) is a Swedish company specialising in outdoor equipment—mostly clothing and rucksacks. Fjällräven was founded in 1960 by Åke Nordin. The original product was an external frame rucksack. The Fjällräven rucksack proved comfortable, durable, and, along with outdoor clothing made from tent fabric, it made the brand well known in just a decade. The company has a strong market presence in the Nordic countries. It is also represented in other European countries, especially Germany. Among its more well-known products are Greenland jackets and various versions of the Kånken rucksack.

Besides rucksacks and clothing, Fjällräven has already expanded the product line to various equipment such as tents and sleeping bags.


Fjällräven Silhuett P5 Baby Sleeping Bag

Fjällräven Silhuett P5 Baby Sleeping Bag is a synthetic filling sleeping bag for babies and toddlers. With a maximum dimension of 110 cm, I guess that one can use it up to 3 -3 and a half years old. The filling is an one layer synthetic microhollowfiber with a filling weight of 150g./m2. The style of this sleeping bag is a mummy style, which is good for the colder nights, though, in my and the user’s opinion can be a bit limiting for ease of movement while being in the sleeping bag. There is an asymmetrical zipper that zips half way down. On the top of the zipper there is an extra piece of material in order to protect the toddler from being scratched from the zipper while sleeping.

The hood is very well designed, but I have noticed that our user was not happy having his head within the hood. He mentioned that he feels very closed if hands and head are so tight down. Though, the shape o the hood in my opinion is very well thought and properly executed.

The main colour of the sleeping bag is red and the complementary colour is black. The red colour is really nice and I have seen that our boy is very excited to see this bright colour. It feels like a toy and not as a sleeping bag. The liner of the Fjällräven Silhuett P5 Baby Sleeping Bag is a combination of polyester and cotton. It feels soft on the skin and there is a very nice pattern of the Fjällräven logo.

Fjällräven provides a stuff sack on which are printed some basic information about the sleeping bag, such as comfort temperature zone, weight and length. The temperature rating that comfort temperature is going down to +5C, but I doubt our user sleeps warm in such low temperature without additional layers. In fact, I think this sleeping bag can be used without additional layers at about +9C and not lower.

Fjallraven logo in footbox
Zipper pocket protection
Fjallraven pattern in the inner of sleeping bag
Fjallraven Silhuett Baby P5 Sleeping bag stuffsack
Packed dimensions: 25cm x 13,5cm
392 g. instead of 473 g. as declared by Fjallraven

Bottom Line:

This is a great quality sleeping bag that will definitely excite the young user. The materials and production technique used for this sleeping bag are high enough to justify the price. The size and weight are good enough. Overall, a good choice if you like going on mountaineering trips with your toddler.

Product Specifications:

  • Comfort Temperature: +5 C
  • Weight: 473 gr.
  • Lenght: 110 cm
  • Shell: 100% 240T R/S Nylon
  • Lining Fabric: Polyester/Cotton
  • Filling: Microhollowfiber
  • Construction: One layer
  • Filling Weight: 150g/m2 x 1 layer
  • Colour: 320 Red
  • Made in China


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