Climbimg in Ortholithi Mountain

It was a nice spring sunny day and we have gathered a small group of four (4) friends in order to try to climb on the top of Ortholithi Mountain.

Ortholithi Mountain is situated in the prefecture of Greece, Argolis. One part of the mountain is in Argolis and the North face is in Troizinia. The highest Peak of Ortholithi is 1.105 meters above sea level. From the top of the mountain the view of the sea side is breathtaking and you can easily see the capital of Greece, Athens.


Also, you can see several islands of the Argosaronic sea, such ad Hydra island, Poros island, Spetses island etc.

The climb to the top is not difficult and there are some really difficult routes as well. Arrived at the top of the Ortholithi mountain we found an old church of Profitis Ilias (Elias).

We stayed on the top for about an hour. We prepared fresh espresso, we chatted and we starred at the incredible view to the sea side. On our way back to the base of the mountain we have crossed beautiful fields full of colourful flowers.

Boom 2016-06-30 at 18.31.47

One more small size “conquest” became reality. We are looking forward to further future explorations of the Greek mountains.

5 thoughts on “Climbimg in Ortholithi Mountain

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