Agrafa Mountains – Svoni – Pouli – Papadimitri

Almost at the end of the eleventh month of the year and this time, we have decided to visit one of our favourite regions of Greece and specifically the Agrafa mountains. The route we have decided to do is the following: Karoplesi village – Papadimitri Peak (1.930 m) – Pouli Peak (1.846 m.) – Svoni Peak (2.042 m) – Saika Village, all situated in the Agrafa region of Karditsa.

Agrafa is a mountainous region in Evrytania and Karditsa regional units in mainland Greece, consisting mainly of small villages. It is the southernmost part of the Pindus range.  The Agrafa region is famous for its complete autonomy throughout the entire 400 years of Ottoman Turkish occupation of Greece. The word agrafa literally translates to unwritten which means unregistered or uncharted; because the Ottomans were unable to conquer this region, the area and its population were not recorded in the Sultan’s tax register. As a result the people were usually free to conduct their business and customs as they pleased without Ottoman influence.

Sunrise in Agrafa

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