Klassiki VI UIAA 100 m. – Trad Climbing in Kato Flabouri – Mt. Parnitha – Attica

One of my favourite locations in Greece for outdoor activities is Mt. Parnitha which is located just 30 minutes far from Athens city centre. Mt. Parnitha is located in Attiki province, 25km N from the city of Athens.It is one of the 4 mountains(the others are Immitos, Penteli and Poikilo) that surround the circular plain, in which the city of Athens is built. Mt Parnitha is the talllest and more impressive among the mountains that surround Athens.

Every now and then, I try to visit the area of Mt. Parnitha either for hiking or climbing activities. Though, for quite some time now, I had in my bucket list to visit the area of Kato Flabouri and climb the first ever route that was climbed in the area. This route is known as Klassiki (classic) or by the names of the first ascenders – Michailides, Tsamakides, Liagos, Idosides.

View of the rock and the route

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Hiking, Scrambling and Climbing the Flabouri Ridge – Parnitha

Our previous post was dedicated to the first outdoor activity post covid-19 lockdown and this post is dedicated to the second excursion in one of the most visited mountains of Greece, mount Parnitha.

For training purposes, the route we have selected was of mixed difficulty which offered hiking, scrambling and even IV UIAA climbing, the Flabouri Ridge route.

View of the Flabouri Ridge and the city of Athens

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