Midnight ascent on Mount Pentelia (Dourdouvana)

Summer time here in Greece and once again weather is great but quite warm. That was the perfect excuse in order to escape to the mountains of Greece. Our destination was Mount Pentelia (Dourdouvana). Mount Pentelia lies at the end of Aroania mountains (Chelmos) in mountainous Corinthia, Peloponnese. Dourdouvana (another name for Mounta Pentelia) is a slavic name which means rose (or Triantafyllia in Greek), while its ancient Greek name is Pentelia. It is situated NE of Chelmos and it has two almost equally high peaks: Triantafyllia (2,109 m-6,919 ft) and Dourdouvana (2,078 m-6,817 ft).

Starting point of the path to the summit

The path to the summits of Dourdouvana starts on the west side of the artificial Lake Doxa, the “emerald” of mountainous Corinthia, which is situated at an altitude of 900 m (2,953 ft). Due to high temperatures we decided to have an evening ascent towards the top. At first we follow the dirt road and then ascent via a firs slope, along a well signed path, having an impressive view of the emerald lake below us.

Path indication


Dourdouvana Peak from bellow
Hiking in the forest
Hiking in the forest
Signs of the path

In less than a half of hour we reach a point where we can have a great overview of Lake Doxa and the surrounding peaks, such as Mount Kyllini (Ziria) and “Small Ziria“.

Lake Doxa and Mount Kyllini (Ziria)
Getting closer to the peak

Within an hour we have reached the Hunter’s Col (Diaselo tou Kinigou). At this point there is a crossroad of paths that lead to Dourdouvana, Triantafyllia, Madero, Nisi and others. After a short break, and due to the fact the sun was setting down, we have continued our ascent towards the peak. From Hunter’s Col point till the highest point of Mount Pentelia we needed a bit less that one and a half hour. The sunset was stunning and the view of the sun setting down behind Aroania Mountains it was magnificent.

Direction to Lake Doxa
Crossroad of Paths
Walking towards the top
Magnificent Sunset
Almost at the top looking towards Aroania Mountains
Reached the top in the middle of the night

While Greece was suffering from 44 C degrees of heat wave, at the top of Mount Pentelia, we actually needed to wear some extra layers of clothing. We have rested at the top for about 30 minutes, glazing to the stars and to the lake Doxa that was just bellow us. After that, we have started the descent with the help of headlamps. It was a nice experience to be at the top of the mountain in the middle of the night.


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