Winter ascent on Dirfi Mountain

Dirfi is a mountain in the central part of the island of Euboea, Greece. At 1,743 m elevation, it is the highest mountain of Euboea. The Dirfi gave its name to the municipal unit Dirfys. Its summit is 4 km west ofStropones, 5 km north of Steni Dirfyos and 28 km northeast of the city of Chalcis. There are forests on the lower slopes while most of the mountain is covered with grassland.

We have arrived at Steni village around 9:00 in the morning and from there we drove for about 15 minutes towards the refuge. Due to snowy road, we left the cars in the side of the road and we walked on the snow for about an hour. On that day, snow condition was bad and the weather was rather foggy.

Boom 2016-06-29 at 21.00.03

Once we have arrived at the refuge, we set up our tents and start to plan the route we would take the day after towards the peak of Mount Dirfi. From the tent we had amazing view and the sunset gave “golden” highlights in the surrounding environment.


The day after we woke up quite early and had the typical “mountain sheppard’s tea” and we soon started with the ascent. Snow conditions were bad, very soft, floppy snow that made our climbing quite tiring. The view during the ascent and once we reached the top was amazing and one more mountain peak was visited.


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