Quechua Arpenaz 10 Backpack Review

The Quechua Arpenaz 10l is a 10 litre day pack that is extremely lightweight (175g / 6oz) and water repellent. The bag has one large compartment and a smaller pouch on the front. It also has two loops on each strap that are listed as “thumb loops”. I think these could also be used for ice picks or hiking sticks. You could also use them for hanging extra gear with a carabiner. I found that the loops were quite handy for using as a makeshift sternum strap. You thread the loose ends of the straps through the loops and tie them together to hold them in place. 

Various Colours of the Arpenaz 10 Backpack

This bag is extremely affordable at less than 3 Euro. This bag can be used a short trail day bag, can be used as an EDC bag, can be uses as a nappy bag (I have used it in such way numerous times), can be used as a gear carrier for mountaineering trip and I guess it can be used in hundreds other different ways.


Some Features:

  • Volume: 10 litres/Weight: 210g/ Full pack dimensions (cm): H 31 x W 20 x D 18.
  • Pocket: 1 outside pocket.
  • Foam-padded back and straps. Adjustable thumb loops.
  • A rating – CO2: 1.0 kg; Resource depletion: 7.6 g Sb – Details: oxylane.com
  • Durability: 10-year guarantee
  • COLOURS: Black; also in blue, pink, grey/mauve, light blue.


Bottom Line: I highly recommend this backpack. Actually, I would recommend to purchase  more than one.

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