Olympus Outdoor Gear – Snow/Sand Pegs review

In the past couple of years I have been in many mountaineering trips and therefore I had to camp various times on snow. Setting up a tent on snow or hard (iced) snow it can be a bit tricky if you do not have the necessary equipment. This necessary equipment is the right pegs that you can stake out the tent properly.

I have been researching on the best possible snow pegs and I came to the conclusion that most of them did not have the full spectrum of characteristics that i needed them to have. From the other side, the ones that had all desired characteristics, where quite expensive. That was the reason that I thought to design and produce the snow pegs on my own. I did an extensive research on best possible materials and techniques and I came to the conclusion that i would be using Aluminium L 1.6mm angle EN-AW-6060. This material is strong and durable but at the same time lightweight enough to be carried on the snowy slopes.

In detail, the design produced is the following one:

Olympus Outdoor Snow Peg Concept Design

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