LOWE ALPINE Mountain Attack 35-45 lt. Review

This past winter I was searching for a backpack that I could use it for 2 days (one night) trips to the mountain. This new backpack I wanted to have several features for winter mountaineering and to be within my budget. The previous years, for such excursions I was using the Lowe Alpine Cholatse II 55-65 lt backpack. This backpack was great, though the 55-65 litres where never filled up and therefore I did not want to carry extra weight and volume on my back.

Lowe Alpine Mountain Attack 35-45 front view

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LOWE ALPINE Cholatse II 55-65 Review

One of the most used items when mountain climbing or hiking is the backpack. The backpack is the “core” of any trip and any mountaineering expedition. There are many different types for various activities, in diverse colours and on numerous sizes. The backpack I have been using since 2014 is the Lowe Alpine Cholatse II 55-65.


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