The Ultimate Guide of Hiking and Mountaineering in Greece

You can explore Greece’s variety of landscapes, remote coves and the ruins of ancient cities, walking!

The core of Mainland Greece runs from the European Long Distance Walking Path Ε4 (- GR), beginning from the Pyrinaia it arrives in Greece via Yugoslavia, at the Nikis guard-post in Florina. The E4, crossing the Peloponnese, stops at Gythio and continues on to Crete. The mountain-climber is thus given the opportunity to see the enjoy of the Greek scenery and the wealth of Greek nature.

The highest elevation along the total route is the peak of Olympus Skolio (2,911 m). Highest peak of Greece is Mt.Olympus Mytikas at 2917m. The ideal period for hiking along the Ε4 in Greece is early mid spring. Mid to late spring is probably the best time of year for hiking in those areas, since summer and early fall are normally very hot and dry, and late fall through early spring are cold and rainy. The last years in Greece, hiking and mountaineering activities have become very popular and on the famous routes and during high season, you will certainly meet many more hikers from Greece, and not only.

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